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5 Years Pedal to the Metal Racingteam
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5 Years Pedal to the Metal Racingteam
very good video! enjoyed it very much!
And Congratulations i guess, one of the oldest teams in LFS
Nice movie

edit: Fantastic video, too. A+!
Finally a new krani video.

And he's still as good as ever at producing great videos.

And grats.
That was nice, I really enjoyed it. Way to go on making it 5 years, that's one hell of an accomplishment.
Quote from LFSn00b :typo at 00.14-00.17

What's wrong with "... decided to found a new racing team"?
Methinks Niko doesn't know English as well as he thinks he does.
Awesome Video, Well created
yeah,,, quiet good vid. What's the music of this? Which Band?
Its a song by Feeder, a brittish band, dont know the exact title but think it was something like Buck Rogers?
Congratulations for the 5 years and the amazing video.

Really nice work there
#13 - JEP
Great video, i like it.

Nice video.

I like the crash at the end. Great Job
Nice vid and congratulations with the 5 years
Finally a nice movie, well done
Excellent video, and congratulations for the 5 years.
Very good.
Very, very, very nice movie... I loved it, my favorite from all that I've seen past month. Very nice editing, very good racing, high speed. Very well done. If you listen to the lyrics of the song, it kind of tells the story.

9.5/10 <---I never rate any video this high, but I just like yours.

Keep up the good work.

^I actually posted this yesterday in the wrong thread. And don't even ask me how, cause I don't know.
Very good as always.
Anybody knows the music name ? Sounds pretty good
Quote from Spangler_CZE :Anybody knows the music name ? Sounds pretty good

Feeder - Buck Rogers

Nice video Steven! And congrats with the 5 year anniversary PM!
Quote from Juha [HUN] :yeah,,, quiet good vid. What's the music of this? Which Band?

Feeder - Buck Rogers from the Album "Echo Park" which was released in 2001

Edit: a trax already posted it
Great video. I'd rate it 9/10

Congrats on amazing 5 strong years Pedal to the Metal
Great video, made feel good about enjoying this sim soo much.
Congratulations to the Pedal to the metal team, and i wish you at least another five years!!

Congratulations also to Kraniwani, for another awesome video, that shows great passion and skills. I was missing his videos because he still rules!

5 Years Pedal to the Metal Racingteam
(28 posts, started )