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Something about LFS
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Something about LFS
Hi there!
I made another little song about my favorite racing simulation. Mates on the german forums encouraged me to do an english version and I gave it a try.
Not to be taken too serious, of course...

Something about LFS

:dazzersmi schUPpor
The german version kicked a$$! Like all of your other songs Schuppor

Now lets see how the english one is

English version rocks aswel
absolutely freakin awesome. kicks as$!

The best way to criticise I've seen so far
Wow. Nice song!
what the freakin hell???? HAHAHA when are the animals gonna sleep.... he has a point!

I thought I had heard it all!
haha! Great song!

You have a great voice too!
#7 - BURN

best Lovesong I`ve ever heard!

real love last for ever, man

Singer and Master skinner... you are talented!
Hehe, great.
Holy crap, now that's a moral dilemma if I ever heard one being sung. Awesome work!

I love that left-to-right panning "whaaaaaaaaaaaam" bit.
really well made and professional sounding!
Mighty stuff, you sure have talent!

Really professionally done, not my taste in music..bit too slick, but good production.
Quote from StableX :really well made and professional sounding!

schuppor is a really talented singer, I agree. The reason why it sounds professional is that the song is created professionally: in the same recording studio that also created the background music for the buick/tiger woods-TV-ad that was aired in the whole USA
#14 - Jakg

All i can say.

The professionalism = WIN.
#15 - Vain
Very well done.

Hope we don't see a swarm of second hand LFS vids with this song in the background, because this deserves better. Awesome quality and voice too!
Biggest Fan
Dear Schuppor!

You are such a great skinner for our team,

but You are also the BEST LFS SINGER!

We LOVE Your DOW, Yours sincerley Dandy Dust
I was thinking this was going to be cheesy and rubbish based on the universal praise given out (universal praise usually means the posters are idiots).

However, I was in for a shock. It really is pretty damn impressive. Shame I didn't understand what it was about (other than LFS, obviously!)...
Not my style but very classily done. Was the music written for this too or did you fit words to something existing?
would be possible to see lyrics of that song?

great song, i like the words between the lines, if you know what i mean *g*

and i am wondering as well, will there ever be...

i love the middle/end part with the Pink Floydish/Queen kind of chorus
Great song - Good effort!
According to my common-law wife, you sound sexy. And I am jealous. Watch out when you walk at night all alone...

No, but really. Very nice song. *grats*
Quote from Ondrejko :would be possible to see lyrics of that song?

Here ya go:

Something about LFS by Schuppor

I can see the meadows, they are healthy, smooth and green
The sky, the sun, the clouds, like no one's ever seen
Horizon spreading far, in woodlands wide and mean
Looking round I know this is the best place I've ever been

The race track's shimmerin', like a mirror in the sun
Some FXR is passin' by like he's the only one
But to be honest, I'm an irritated man
'Cause somethin' turns down Live for Speed just every now and then

There is no harvest moon over Blackwood
We will never see the twinklin' stars in the Westhills
There won't be the sound of crickets on Kyoto Ring at night
And I sometimes start to worry: "Did the devs of LFS assure to do things right?"

Oooh, are they sure to make it right?

Choir Ostinato from now on:
Is it wrong, or is it right
will someone bring on the night

Is it wrong or is it right
Will the devs bring on the night
I really start to wonder

Maybe think of all the animals
They are living in the woods of blackwood forest
and tell me: when are they supposed to sleep?
I really can not understand

End Ostinato

I keep believin' and I don't want to complain
Instead I'll go on waitin' for those Blackwood nights in summer raain

Something about LFS
(57 posts, started )