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KeMoT quits LFS [solved!]
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Kemot thanks for all the good movies and Movies Pit!
Sad to see you go
Good look with this new part of your life then

OMG, I wasn't aware so many people here know me
Thank you all once more
Whether LFS Movies Pit will be back or not, thanks alot for hosting my movies KeMoT! Can't say I'll miss you online though, I've never ever seen you racing.
LFS MOVIES PIT is back for few days now and has new Administrator.
Like a blast from the past, I seem to be back...
I am so sorry for the stir I have caused when I started this thread almost a year ago but I feel this community is great and deserves few words of explanation from me. So here we go

Almost a year ago I met a girl, girl of my entire life dreams. I Have sold computer to finally set me free out of this addiction and to start more normal life. All this sacifices for ... her, her daughter ( she's divorced and has a nine years old daughter ), us. Also, I have sold my Live for speed license ( yes, I know, this was VERY bad of me ) but now things seem to have settled down a bit. Computer is back but without steering wheel. This will come in time hopefully. I re-bought my license from a guy I sold it to This operation was rather expensive to me but KeMoT account is the most important for me.

So, I am back and I know I won't quit any more maybe I will quiet-down but I won't quit, that's for sure.


P.S. If anyone would be interested - Everything has settled down, I mean everything is ok and will be. 2007.12.31 - our engagement and moreless half of 2008 our marraiage.
I am so in love guys...
Faith has rewarded me for many bad relationships, many dissapointments and many, many tears...

It is worth to wait, worth to dream, even when everything around is going bad. Dreams cannot be destroyed.
Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I am a sucker for a happy ending
Quote from al heeley :Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh I am a sucker for a happy ending

This is just the second part - he said he was getting married! :eek:
Love for Speed. awwwwww

My wonderful Agnes
Aww, forgot to attach.
Pictures of who was and is able to drag me away from Live for speed and computers but she won't do that
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Not keen on smiling is she?

Nice to see you back though.

Edit: woah, newsflash, KeMoT to marry green woman! Does she advertise sweetcorn?
Nice story, love the re-bought.
welcome back.
Silly KeMot, you should know better than to post actual pictures. Now wait to see what these guys are going to do with her .

Congrats and welcome back. Just don't end up doing what I did, then you won't ever be able to become a real racer...
Quote from Bob Smith :Not keen on smiling is she?

She is but other, more smiling pictures are all over the limit here ( over 2 mb each ).

Pity because she smiles wonderfully
Resize them.
Nice to see you back. And hope to see you on track more
Smiling Agnes :)
Quote from Bob Smith :Resize them.

will do that immediately.

Added resized pictures Hope you like it.
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Uśmiechnięta w samochodzie.jpg
W samochodzie.jpg
Welcome back and all the best to you three!!
Quote from TysCaargh :Welcome back and all the best to you three!!

Correction. Three now, but four in about year

...and some more pictures but this time, both of us, Agnes and me.
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Quote from KeMoT :...and some more pictures but this time, both of us, Agnes and me.

Edit: See attachment.
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Oh this is definitely bad news for me...even the woman of my life can't drag me away from Lfs? This is worse than any addiction...
Nice to have you back.

KeMoT quits LFS [solved!]
(64 posts, started )