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Live For Speed Drag Server
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Live For Speed Drag Server
How can i make a LFS server with the Drag mod??

First step: Buy a license.

Thanks a lot!
I have already done the server..but i can't start the Drag mode..
It says there an error: Connecting at port 29999...
Could not connect.
No linking can be made because the destination computer refuse them actively..

What's wrong??

Start-> Run -> "CMD" -> Enter -> "ipconfig" should list some numbers, try "192.168.1.X" (replace X with your number)
You've not enabled InSim, or you've misconfigured it.
How i Enable InSim?
#9 - FRED
Start LFS up press / and type in " insim29999 " then start the drag mod.
hmmm but yeh as it was first mentionned you should buy a licence, there's a cool drag strip and bling bling cars to drag with
And you can go under ten seconds on the strip with the cars you get from a license.
And you can do it with other 7 people at the same time if you get a license
what we are wanting to say is:
buy a license
so you think he should buy a license then ?

Live For Speed Drag Server
(14 posts, started )