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Pictures of Layouts when loading (shift-U)?
hi there, i have just discovered layouts and i have downloaded loads of them. problem now is i can't remember what most of them are lol

i was just thinking, wouldn't it be nice if they had a little picture come up when i click on them, as opposed to having to load them up to see what they are?

sorry if this has been asked before, i did search

Would be useful for me since my team uses them all the time, better if you mouse over the title and see like a full screen ghost layout
Or just have a diagram showing the positions of barriers and cones? Because if you think of it, looking through pictures and pictures of red/white barriers will be kinda hard to tell.... Maybe when you upload a layout, you upload a diagram with it, which if its in the folder, it displays next to it?
Well client side, maybe possible, but you can also load-up layouts FROM the server directly (/axload /axlist), so the rendering would have to be done on the server? ...or downloaded to the client for a preview. This might get messy ?