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movie: teh CARL is BACK in LFS S2!
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#1 - Don
movie: teh CARL is BACK in LFS S2!

ok i finally put this movie together. it took me quite long, because after seeing the replays i saw the cars are quite lagged and lost motivation, but last days i worked hard and the movie is done! i think i managed to hide all the big lags.

the original idea of carl movies started misterx and i continued doing them.
and thanks to all actors for helping + thanks to ruditurbo for recording that ghei police radio voice

so, leech here:
640x356 @ 30 FPS | 50MB | divx

@kemot: yes plz
teh Carl lol!!11

Glad to have him back

Superb movie :up:

That's sooo well done and executed. Best LFS movie in a long time!
Teh Carl Roxxors! :hyper:

Cool movie.
#5 - ORION
OMG c00l teh Carl is b4ck w000t

Great vid, very funny Police voice also
Oh my god, thats the funky shit ! This movie roxxxx !

Thumbs up, DoN, and respect ...
Excellent video. I remember the old Carl videos.... but don't remember who made them... you made them DoN? Great stuff
#8 - Don

tweak>maybe read my first post?
:woohoo: A W E S O M E

You should have seen my big grin when Zeeall's parking scene started, mwhaha in the video the police seems to be much close to Zeeall than in the replay ^_^

Excellent work, DoN! It all looks like lots of traffic in the city, great cut! Nice quality! Glad you put all your motivation together and finish the movie, even with the laggy replays.
Quote from Don :thanks

tweak>maybe read my first post?

Ahhh was too anxious to see what all the excitement was about

I love this movie. I won't spoil the funny part, its all worth a download
Carl is back! (downloading now), sure it was be as good as ever Kobra 11

*EDIT* hehehee, carl is good as ever! love the skoda lol . does that mean carl drives a riced Skoda?
Great movie! The parts with the traffic is done very well!
brilliant. Period.
that's very cool and well put together. you've done misterx proud
teh Carl roxx0rz !!!!!1!!1!11!1111 :bananalla
great moveeh don
Heh, recording was fun. Like the time Zeeall was attacked by a killer mosquito and ruined a great scene... priceless
DoN - great movie, again
..and LOL, you didn't give me a chance to ask my common question
DoN, one more thing.

teh CARL is missing something, I think his car should have some rice skin

Did I say it is very good movie, oh well, I say it once more
Nice traffic! How do i enable that option in lfs? ^^

That video rocks
Yeahhh :d
Wow. Simply amazing.

Wonder if someone can make a screen overlay out-sim/in-sim thingy to display the Police Info in real time, rather than a static overlay.

Love the traffic effects. Bet everyone was Sooooooo bored driving sedately around like that.

Scawen - any chance of stingers in S2? :P
great movie
That was great! Maybe the best LFS movie I've seen. At least it was something totally different than just boring drifting (like most of the movies).
fantastic movie....:camera: :eye-poppi :clapclap: :thumbsup3

movie: teh CARL is BACK in LFS S2!
(138 posts, started )