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Digital mouth to mouth - Calling of LFS troops (S2)
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Digital mouth to mouth - Calling of LFS troops (S2) [promo efforts log]
Digital mouth to mouth - Calling of LFS troops (S2)

Okay so we have 900 players simultaneously online. Cool. But lets make it 10.000 ?
Yes you've read correctly, 10.000. As an aim, not with a specific date, but the sooner the better.
This sim deserves a lot more from us users, than regular games, because the devs and their feedback aint normal either (in a good way)
Much of what has been already achieved with lfs, stands on one thing, belief in "we can do it". Against all odds, against all corps, against installed interests. But yes, we can put quality back into gaming.

Digital mouth to mouth played a big part in the initial boom. Hundreds of mails to gaming/news websites (from big to small), emails to friends, irc pasting, irc "evangelization", foreign forum posting, etc etc, anything that's worthwhile to make lfs more known than it already is.
Please share the fun and excitement this sim provides with everyone you know and dont know and that may bring many new gamers into this.
Besides this more "general effort" in your own language or english, maybe in future, the devs can support an "expansion program", to incentivate even further your efforts (thats yet to be discussed).

Special attention to areas like Asia region and Americas is needed to have a more constant number of players online. LFS is a 24h thing. Efforts in these regions are welcomed.
Please post (once, and edit your updates), all that you have been doing to propagate the word and helping us build a stronger community.
Share your sucesses and insucesses, from branding cows in swiss mountains with lfs logo, to dropping millions of flyers over a raging crowd of religeous fanatics, or even wearing lfs url in your naughty parts (yes the longer url).
Please don’t give up. Please don’t keep LFS as your little secret pleasure . Help it develop. It can only get better and better as the constant effort in perfecting it shows.
ps: if you notice other sims cloning your own efforts, here and there, don’t be surprised. As long as we are leaders and they are followers it’s because we still have the innovation edge. Besides the more sims are stronger the better so if they benefit from this LFS effort, there is no harm, coz in the end, overtime, only quality prevails.


this is fanbased, written by a fan for fans
Hey guys, I take up some ideas here:

Now that LFS S2 Alpha is out, and the Full is coming, it is again time, to get this piece of diamond to the people. As you all know, there are simply never enough people, that know about LFS.

So download it, get it on your MP3 Sticks, CDs, RAM-sticks whatever and spread it, take it to lans, your friends etc. Put the link to in your signature in other forums etc. etc. Spread the word, remember your old contacts, maybe some newspaper is between them.
This way we'll make this game even more succesful and acknowledged. And I think several people will be very happy about you and your work.
Dont forget the great additional stuff, like lfsworld and this forum here, as those are parts of LFS and should simply belong to that.

Good Luck!

Yeah, it's a copy, but as you can read, that's the way more better written Thread for that So guys, lets ROLL! I am already.. Watch out for the tongue! :P illepall

Edit (14.8.2005):
- LFS S2 Alpha on all Consumer PCs sold by Fujitsu-Siemens from week 33 till end of this year (ca. 300000 - 400000 expected, not unlocked) in germany.
- Fujitsu-Siemens booth with 16 PCs running lfs only on Games Convention (
- the challenge powered by Fujitsu SIemens, especially for the casual gamer. (more infos on that coming this week)

Edit (23.8.2005):
I believe that there will be 1,500 people online at once by the end of the year. I am trying to get more people all the time. Friends, relatives anyone really.

Spread the word,
For anyone going to i25 (, I'll be spreading the word.

If I don't go though, I'll be sure to at i26
Link doesnt work, you have to take the ")" off
Link fixed, thanks.
Hey, here is an idea I had, while talking with Vykos:

Maybe the devs could create some sort of a deal with a racing wheel manufacturer, eg Momo. And pack it with a copy of the LFS Demo - maybe on installation disc.

Now, anybody who spends $100+ on a wheel is likely to be a fan of racing, if not sim racing. And if they see LFS while installing the drivers etc, then it is quite likely they'll give it a shot

The other alternative is to include a copy of S1 Full, now you might say that the devs will lose 12 pounds, but you have to think of it this way, that person might never of bought the game anyway if he wasnt given it, and then you can ask, how much money does it really cost the devs to cater for that user. Maybe extra load on LFSworld? Ofcourse, if that user enjoys S1, they will likely purchase full S2, and if they dont like it, well i guess it wont have much effect on the servers then

Okay now pretend your buying a wheel, after the purchase you are likely going to look for a game to use your wheel on (unless ofcourse u bought the wheel for a game), your choices are rfactor, GTR and LFS (and nfs games and such, but we wont go into there), but if you have a copy of LFS already, then why not try that?

Another possible option might be simply include the demo, but with a discount coupon for full purchases.

Anyway just ideas, so dont flame me if its bad

very good idea lola popeye, we could also pack it in the demo cds of the famous computer games magazines of each country, or in many different things. But I Think the main problem isn't that, In my country (spain) most of people doesn't like sims because they only want real cars real fast (sorry for the reference to nfs) and they dont like to spend many hours in front of the pc only to get a better time, i mean sims are not very popular in spain. I think we should take a look to other markets, such the asian
LOL you could have testimonials sent in by license holders....


Since playing Live for Speed, I've lost my house, my career and my family.
I have to take things from work to afford broad band. Not many games are
good enough to make you want to do that.

Matt M.,
New York


Until I played LFS, I didn't know how stupid other people were when driving in
real life. Now I'm on two years probation and taking anger managment courses.

Ivan K.,


My husband, Roy enjoys your game. he enjoys it so much, he hasn't noticed
my affair with Ted, our neighbor. Hell, one night Ted came over to "borrow some sugar",
we went at it right behind him. Roy was just drifting away and never looked up.

Elizabeth G.

Yeah... testimonials from licensees... ok maybe not.
Please post (once, and edit your updates), all that you have been doing to propagate the word and helping us build a stronger community.

we can start by simple things like finding forums with enough people on general or offtopic sections and posting about lfs and providing links. one or two quality screenshot usually helps, also.

please dont use this thread for OT chit-chat. keep it in topic or just ignore it. thanks
#11 - Damo
Ive been spamming a few fps communities im a member of bout LFS.
Im hopefully going to this lan in September where i fully intend bringing my wheel and pedals to show off S2.
Im gonna look for some sort of promotional videos that i can run on my pc when im not actually playing it also,something that can play over and over when im away from keyboard,which wont be often
S2 is awesome and the world needs to know about it.
When I'm at my friends houses I just sneak onto thier computers and download the demo. Then when they ask, "What's this LFS on my computer?" I say, "Hey, you can use a mouse on that." Has worked at least once.

Also, I work from home part of the year. My clients come in groups. When one or more is not working with us I sit them at the wheel. They go nuts for it.
For a while now, every forum I visit (racing-related or not) has a link to Live for Speed, I installed it on the school computers, and tell everyone who likes playing more arcade-ish racing games how good LFS actually is, and that they should really try it some day. Helping 'newbies' in the S2 Demo is also needed to get them to buy S2 Full some day.
I've written a big review for S1 and posted it on 2 romanian gaming websites. I've also posted news on one of them ( when major patches were released.

Also, the guy that runs the aforementioned site is a friend and I got him to mention LFS S2 launch in an interview he did for a national radio station.

I also tell classmates, friends, relatives etc. about LFS but unfortunately racing sims aren't very popular here, most people prefer FPS's or Arcadish racing games.

Its not much but I intend to keep doing my small part
spray paint and walls. but shh
I had a wacky idea of how to get LFS more reviewed in major magazines and gaming-sites: make LFS free for reviewers, say, for a month. Many of the finnish places I've asked to review LFS, they've answered that they are mostly reviewing games they get from importers - for free, cheap bastards. Of course, there should be someone to check that a person who's asking for a free license is really going to review it in to some big media.

my :twocents:
Quote from rich uk :spray paint and walls. but shh

ahahah thats nothing without pics!
#18 - OPK
Presenting LFS on the german Games Convention together with Vykos, DBC and some other ocr guys this week

Pics will follow next week I think
- Presenting LFS at the Logitech & 4Players booth in Leipzig with several raceseats and the latest Logitech force feedback wheels. (Halle 5, Stand C42,
- LFS Preview at and in the 4Players print magazine which will be available for free at the Games Convention
- Some mouth-to-mouth advertising at the Formula Student Event in Germany, several teams are interested to put their car in LFS
- Some e-mails to german gaming magazines, I hope they will write a nice preview and put the S2 alpha on their cover discs
What do you guys think of emailing Top gear show, to test LFS, and compare it with real life vehicles.??
If many of us send them E mail, then i am sure that they wouldn't ignore it.. That would be a hell of a comercial for LFS, of course if they like it..
I'll start and the rest of you, continue filling their inbox..
I remember a few of us emailed top gear a while back keep flooding them with mails tho guys
What about testing the RA instead, and linking to LFS a bit
Quote from illegal :What about testing the RA instead, and linking to LFS a bit

Yea, that would be great!! I just e mailed them that..! C'mon the rest of you, it's your turn!
Hello everyone,

If any of you here is a Malaysian, well good news, as I'm one of the S2 licensed Malaysian as well. We've had a very small community of Malaysian players here, but there are still not many of them which are S2 licensed, and we hope that the community and the number of players will grow.

There is an upcoming PC LAN party at Kuala Lumpur at the end of this year, and there will be a special section for Live For Speed, and when that time comes, me and my group of friends will try our very best to promote the game to more Malaysians.

There was another Lan party in which me and 2 friends of mine attended, we were playing LFS and we caught some attention, but it wasn't enough though, and there's too many players playing NFS:underground II by that time, LOL

anyways, hope to see more Malaysians joining the LFS family.
Is developping a North American League considered a community effort in the right direction??

Digital mouth to mouth - Calling of LFS troops (S2)
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