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Higher res. interior Road Cars
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Higher res. interior Road Cars
Hey again, almost finished my XRT and FZ interiors, so I figured I would make another thread for all my textures rather than a thread for each. Here are the previews of what my 4 textures look like so far(the RB and FX textures are old so I will do minor changes to them)
I only have plans to finish these 4 cars for now because they are all I drive and there are already some very nice LX and Raceabout interiors out there.

=- the Viewer screenshots are old, I will update them as soon as I get the chance
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Heh i have the RB4 and the FXO ones

I like them, nice
I like the RB4 one but the FXO looks too grand. maybe switch the colours on the FZ5 and The FXO.
That RB4 is absolutely great! Too bad it's on the car i don't drive at all... and that doors on the XRT are brilliant! Very good job.
#6 - Davo
Wow is right. Simply amazing work. Can't wait till they're done.
the FZ50 one is stunning
wanna have it!
They all look great
I want them all
#9 - axus
Lovely, wow!
#10 - joen
Excellent, those look really lovely The FZ interior is stunning. Can't wait to get my hands on them
im pretty sure it took plenty of hard work so i want to thank you cause yes they look AWESOME!! cant wait for RB4 (RB4s FOR LIFE!!)
Nice - very nice - Great Work bro!
WOW! Impressive. The XRT is my favorite, followed closely by the RB4. Fantastic work!

Has anyone ever attempted a Suede interior? That's something I'd love to see in the FZ50.
#14 - d6nn
if using those textures, will they decrease performance of lfs/pc like lowering fps...
#15 - joen
Quote from d6nn :if using those textures, will they decrease performance of lfs/pc like lowering fps...

I use quite a lot of custom high res textures and the loss in fps is negligible although it will depend on how much ram your graphics card has.
teh last one is teh sexiest..

But all of them are wow

Nice, clean, elegant ! Top work, congrats !
seriously, the wood in the fxo..... YUCK!!! otherwise awsome lol
@d6nn: You'll have to try it for yourself. Results may vary from one machine to another. I personally notice absolutely no difference what-so-ever; of course, my monitor limits me to 60 FPS, while in actuality I'm probably capable of 150 FPS...
Thanks for all the replys guys, they will be ready soon. The RB4 and FXO are already on the texture database site but those ones are old and will be updated a bit for this pack.

@ MAGGOT - I am trying to make a nice suede texture for the FZ but its hard. I had the perfect texture already and though it looked sweet it the car it sucked cause the texture is multiplied about 6 times across the dash so you see the square lines of the texture because of the light and dark parts of the suede, looked like a suede checkerboard. But I havent given up yet.
I already have the rb4 one and its very nice. Good job, I just dont remember how I got it. X_X
ooh! i like!!
nice we will have sat nav in LFS now
nice work!!
very nice!!!

the RB and the FX are awesome

when u'll put it to community download ??

Higher res. interior Road Cars
(49 posts, started )