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LFS UK Gathering Poll 9 - Track for GTi
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Poll : Easy peasy - choose all that appeal!

Closed since :
South City Town, 11 laps
Blackwood GP, 12 laps
Fern Bay Gold, 11 laps
South City Sprint 2 Rev, 25 laps
Fern Bay Green Rev, 13 laps
Aston Cadet, 18 laps
Aston Cadet Rev, 18 laps
Westhill International Rev, 9 laps
Kyoto National, 8 laps
LFS UK Gathering Poll 9 - Track for GTi
This poll is for the people who have expressed an interest in attending the 3rd LFS UK Gathering / Meeting / whatever, as detailed here. Please do not vote otherwise. Thank you.


Hi guys

Nearly there with the polls!

No poll just yet, I just want a little discussion for the shortlist of tracks to be included in the poll. Please remember there will only be at most 10 cars on the track, we've only one shot at the race so we need somewhere that will give us the best chance of action and enjoyment over a 20 minute period.

To get the ball rolling, some suggestions:

* Blackwood GP, 12 laps
* South City Sprint 2 (or Rev), 25 laps
* South City Town (or Rev), 11 laps
* Fern Bay Green, 13 laps
* Fern Bay Gold, 11 laps
* Aston Cadet (or Rev), 18 laps
AS cadet
#4 - bozo
I like the South City tracks and Aston Cadet in any direction.

Fern Bay would be my least favourite choice for an event like this ... too many high kerbs that could quickly ruin your race.
#5 - t1ger
Yup, I agree. Any of the Aston or Fern Bay short tracks - just not rallycross, thats all!

I can not think of any more specific suggestions so I am happy to wait for the poll.

#6 - nihil
No question - Fern Bay Green reversed. Its always been immensely fun, especially the back section: uphill from the esses, a small kink, then grit-your-teeth for the left turn in - get it wrong and you scrape that huge wall... I could go on, but you know the course. Its way more fun reversed than in the other direction. I'm happy with Fern Bay Gold in either direction: well suited to the GTi.

I know its going to be against the grain, but Westhill reversed too has always provided really fast and close racing for the GTi.

Aston Cadet is a banger racing track - only fun if you want to do full contact racing. Aston Club I could live with though. But I'd prefer any of the longer Aston circuits.... (except Aston National...)

Kyoto National is really good too.
It's evening out pretty well, maybe drop the lowest 3 and run again?
#8 - nihil
Quote from Viper93 :It's evening out pretty well, maybe drop the lowest 3 and run again?

And FE gold noses ahead.... No way I'm tavelling to southampton to race a GTi on Blackwood!

Seriously, I'm happy to race on anything, since the main reason for me going is just to have a look at a 'serious' set-up, but I have to say I'm a little disappointed by the conservatism of the choices so far.
Well the last track I would like to see is blackwood, that track is played to death and it's just not really that fun. I would prefer a track that not many people usually race on, and provide some close racing, Like AS cadet =)
You had your opportunity to add it to the list of suggestions.

Seems to be a clear winner here though with SO Town, curiously a couple of voters less than the other poll.
Quote from Bob Smith :
Seems to be a clear winner here though with SO Town

LOL - the track I never drive 'cause my computer chokes on a competitive and large field... Oh well, I shall endeavour to make some time to learn it and be something more than an accident in progress!

Actually, that's going to be quite surreal - I'm going to drive from South London to Southampton, in order to race around a South London circuit.... and then back to South London...
Removed richard3310's vote from the count. Will add it back in if he lets me know he's coming along.

But yeah, looks set for SO3, which is fine by me.
Well, the poll date I set has been reached, SO Town it is. Thanks for voting.

LFS UK Gathering Poll 9 - Track for GTi
(13 posts, started )