Drains Autocross Layouts
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Drains Autocross Layouts
After a day watching mini's fly around at a local Motorkhana event (In western Australia if anyone else went??) I thought i would make some of my own based roughly on the tracks i saw today.
Not long after setting them up i was already having lots of fun with them in the UF.
Hard setups and soft tires and a good use of the hand break will give you a good time. If i get a good response from the tracks i will see if i can make some more up for everyone.
There are 3 tracks i have made. Have a look at the map of directions for each course as anyone who has done an autocross event will know you need a good memory though these tracks are reasnably basic.
Have fun with em guys/gals and please write back your experiances with them.
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AU1_AutoCross 01.lyt - 252 B - 314 views
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AU1_AutoCross 03.lyt - 204 B - 298 views
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Study these carefully unless you want a WW Penalty! (Wrong way)
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AutoCross Layout03.jpg
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Something to aim for, maybe we can get a comp going
Autocross 01: 00.50:28
Autocross 02: 00.22.98
Autocross 03: 00.30.55
Gave a quick shot to layout #1. Very fun, my time for now: 00:50:26
What are you smoking?! lol!
These look very interesting, but when I load them, there are no cones (only posts). Aren't there supposed to be cones? I know you published the guides on the patterns, but if there were cones and laid down cones, it would be better.
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In all of the autocross events i have seen and been to they use posts. They also use posts so officials can see if cars have hit them.
Personally i like posts better but hey, your more then welcome to change them...
What have i been smoking? ummm nothing... you?
Thanks for the reply Drain. I didn't realize there were layouts with just posts. I'll study your diagrams and give them a try.
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Cool, hope you have fun with em and post ya times!

Might be making some more technical ones if people are intrested, there seems to be not very many actual autocross events like this out there, hopefully this might start people getting interested in autocross??

We'll see
Nice autox track.. Remind me of what they are doing in Japan.

How do they call that.. Gimakawa or something like that.

My time really suck compare to yours lol..
Thanks! Glad you like them.

Weel keep practicing and post ya times when ya start getting them low.

Might have a couple more layouts available, but we will see how the weekend goes

Drains Autocross Layouts
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