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BF1 Special 2024 - Signups
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BF1 Special 2024 - Signups

BF1 Special 2024 - Signups

To enter the BF1 Special 2024, make a post here giving your requested car number, LFS licence name, real name, nationality, team name (if representing a team), discord ID (the number after your username, so we can group you in Discord). Separate each field with a /, no space between the text of the field and the /. Example:

1/dekojester/Jonathan Palmer/USA/New Dimension Racing/dekojester

Any number 2-99 is free for selection. Number 1 is reserved for last season's champion, Gábor Gyüre (Viperakecske) .

Signups are open NOW, and will close at 17:00 UTC on the day of the race.

Licence Requirements for Drivers

No NDR Licence Grade limitation.
You will need an S3 LFS License to participate in the event.

Entries will be tracked in a PDF that will be attached later. This PDF is updated at least once daily.

Numbers highlighted in orange are conflicted, and that entrant needs to chance their number. They have been directly notified.
Attached files
MRcBF1Special2024_Entrylist.pdf - 319.4 KB - 34 views
1/Viperakecske/Gábor Gyüre/Hungary/Team S1DUS/viperakecske
25/Ayoub2016/Ayoub El Hannouni/Morocco/Born 2 Race/b2r_ayoub_maroc
46/rafaelgames/Rafael Costa/Brazil/Master Race car/thefox777
15/BeIleBoy/Imran Azhar/Malaysia/Team S1DUS/zesty5557
51/PedroXDBR/Pedro Vitor/Brazil/Master Race car/pedronas51
37/johneysvk/Dwigt Rortugal/Master Race car 2/accidentallycutmyselfopeningwine
05/kriszti_09/Farkas Krisztián/Hungary/Shits and Giggles Racing/krisztian05
Quote from johneysvk :37/johneysvk/Dwigt Rortugal/Master Race car 2/accidentallycutmyselfopeningwine

edited team
31/teppari/Teemu Soini/Finland/World Class Lions/teppari
11/xxr4f1m1t0xx/Raphael Willer/Brazil/Roda Presa/_dark11
17/lordjaguar/Louie Jaguar/British/Shits and Giggles Racing/lordjaguar17
(GenniusGamer14) DELETED by GenniusGamer14 : I've some problems so i'm not racing
55/Math55/Matheus Celestino/Brazil/Master Race Car 2/math55
97 / juliao / julio martins /Brazil / Martin Virtual Race / martins_1985
44/guimoreira13/Guilherme Moreira/Brazil/rednezo
08/TRX_GamesLFS/Harold Pascual/Dominican Republic/Master Race car 3/s4rd_1
4/HarvickFan/Seth Lea/Montserrat/harvickfan04
76/Johnt2005/ John Madigan/ Australia/ Gum Garage/ Wrappedpigeon1
13/Joa Molina/Joaquín Molina/Argentina/Molina Racing Team/mljm13
16/ignacio molina/Ignacio Molina/Argentina/MRT - Molina Racing Team/nachomol16
#21 - sl10
10/sl10/Sami Litmanen/Finland/Team S1DUS/liteuc
47/michal 1279/Michal Málek/Czechia/Happy Birthday To Us!/[MRc] Michal
95/Savitar25/Jeronimo Portela/Colombia/Growler Racing/gumixtoo
We have extended the signup deadline to 1700 UTC.
24/KoleS799/Damian Perzanowski/Poland/koles9690
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BF1 Special 2024 - Signups
(26 posts, closed, started )