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LFS Platform Maintenance (done for now)
Hi all,

I wanted to give you an update of a big ongoing LFS Platform Maintenance.

You may have noticed some bad performance of the LFS Website and in-game stats lately. This was caused by a badly performing, old server. Stats processing would sometimes be delayed, causing PB messages to be delivered in-game too late and creating a new host might fail because internal communication would be delayed. The website and especially the forums would sometimes take a while to load or even time out.

I have updated our server resources and am moving things around. I'm done with the most important parts and you should already have noticed a big difference in website and stats processing since last Wednesday.

Today I've continued moving things around, mostly files used by forum and news attachments, car skins and setups and verhicle mods.

I think this went well and probably you won't have noticed anything. But because this consisted of more than just a dns change, there is a chance that something slipped through the cracks. If you notice anything not working, please let me know! You can use this thread for any reports.

Thanks for enduring the former bad performances - this is a thing of the past now.

Enjoy and have fun!

thank you !!!
Tnx very much Victor, forum already feels much more quick.
Great work Victor, thanks for all the efforts.
It was getting pretty frustrating, thanks Vic!
Faster than ever, thank you!
gg Thank you very much Victor!