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Westhill international without chicane
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Westhill international without chicane
Good morning devs, racers.

We're hosting another multiclass endurance race in a few months, this time in the Westhill international circuit. Doing a few tests here and there we've ended using the open configuration to have the track without the last chicane (for multiclass safety and overtaking points). The problem is that with the open config, you load the entire circuit and it demands more cpu resulting laggy for some users, flags dont work propperly and the minimap is annoying big. It would be cool to add a new configuration of International without chicane, named International Historic or smth like that. Here's my lazy representation of the minimap.

I hope for a response Rofl have a great day mens
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#2 - HeRRC
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why not !
Adittionally could also add version of National config with chicane - the track is quite twisty,why not add another chicane?
#5 - Eric
OK, 2 more configs should be easy enough to add. Smile

It can't be done as a patch for the current version, though. Sorry about that.
Yes, I also think that in the future it would be very interesting.

Westhill international without chicane
(6 posts, started )