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Which thread to use for your suggestion?
Dear mod makers,

The suggestions have been split into three threads. If you wish to add a suggestion, please use the correct thread. It is less confusing and very helpful if the suggestions are in the correct place. It makes it more likely that your suggestion will be implemented.

Thank you!

Quick links:

Mods System Suggestions
Vehicle Editor Suggestions
LFS Modeller Suggestions

More information:

Suggestions for the Mods System including:
- how it appears in game
- the website
- licensing
- other issues
Mods System Suggestions

Suggestions for the Vehicle Editor and mod capabilities, including:
- engine editor
- dashboard editor
- animation editor
- configurations
- suspension
Vehicle Editor Suggestions

Suggestions for the LFS Object Modeller only:
- when you click "Modeller" or you press E or "edit model"
- about points, triangles, mappings, cutouts and texture pages
- the tools you use to create, manipulate and texture an object
LFS Modeller Suggestions
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