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Been awhile..
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Been awhile..
Anyone around from back in my day?
Hello fellow old-timer!
Yes. Here Wave

Very cool, gentlemen. Almost 20 years..
Hello Old Schoolers!
Hi!I know i joined in 2012 but i actually joined on July 15,2003.I was playing on my old computer then.Greetings to all oldtimers!Big grin
Hi! i joined in 2015 but i actually joined on 2002 april 24 im a developer
Hey friendBig grin What are you working on Viperakecske?Ya right
Quote from ronhill_lights :What are you working on Viperakecske?Ya right

He bakes cakes. Viper cakes... Tilt

Sorry,with almost 15 years old account I'm just a nub here,don't pay attention. Razz
I bake cakes to speed up the update progress...seems like not working
#13 - ubul
Hello fellow veterans. I might still have a copy of the 0.04k installer somewhere in the archive. Big grin
yeah but lost my account
#15 - JLK
Not racing online much these days, but I am an old timer with LFS.
Quote from Posyda :yeah but lost my account

Me too because i play Live for speed on my old computerTilt
Wow hello old timers!
Well many updates since S1! Even physic was different!
Hi there! Wave

Haven't played for a looong time, been looking through some of the screenshots of track updates etc., which gives a warm nostalgic feeling of the time spent at the likes of Aston and Fern Bay etc.
Does 2007 count? 😂
#20 - AEF
Hi i joined in 2009 but i actually joined on 1999 i made the uf1 textures
.....wait 20 years!..... and Driven distance :
60645.48 Ml

I still check in here from time to time... hard to believe it's been that long lol

Been awhile..
(25 posts, started )