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Perfect, i think its need one config with 200hp or 250hp.
Ill release a new version with an engine swap Big grin
#4 - Ajna
Do you think to make a bodykit and different wheels?
This is nearly perfect! Only thing I say needs some work is maybe setup, the steering felt accurate for stock EG, but brake distribution and too much rotation from the rear end. And engine doesn’t sound B16 enough. Needs more induction sound. Really hope to see better Dash one day. Great steering wheel though! 4 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ All ratings
I dont have plans on working on my cars anytime soon because I am studying for my collage
Although I will try my best to improve them it wont be anytime soon
Glad that you liked it Smile
I’ll see if I can make you a sound and setup 😁
Awesome bit of kit - any chance the wheels could be changed though? Maybe something more like an Enkei RPF1 or perhaps a 15" TE37? The OEM wheels on these don't quite suit the Kanjo liveries we've been working through.

Further to that, could the redline also be raised to ~8200-8600rpm? Just to be a little more in line with the B16's heritage of revving to "yes."

Good mod, my only other slight concern is I've never known the real EG (or even a Del Sol) to lift off oversteer quiet so violently - makes it entertaining but this /might/ want addressing.
I have published a tuned version of the car.
As for the lift off oversteer the suspension and tubes are not correct and needs rework. I am planning on working on the physics, sound and other things this weekend Smile
I have managed to make a plan so now I can study enough and also work on my cars in the weekends Big grin

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