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T500 Daytona - a Stock-Car EuroNascar series
my T46 is finished in design. i parallel, i work on a derivative from "stock car 03" of FlameCZE with his authorisation.
i have totally looked about the frames and tyres and add details on the interior , with differents clocks.
i will also look for easy differents configs of body to vary looks on track.

sure the Gum Garage will organise Oval events if the project Mod give satisfactions

just a question : that is a VEH FlameCZE derivative but the original OBJ is from sketchfab .. who must i credit or declare ? Uhmm
Quote from Tomfuel :just a question : that is a VEH FlameCZE derivative but the original OBJ is from sketchfab .. who must i credit or declare ? Uhmm

When submitting your mod, choose that it's based on another LFS mod, enter the mod name and it will automatically show the correct credits.
It sounds like you're planning to improve my mod - perhaps I could add you as a collaborator to my version and merge your updates to the base STOCK CAR 03 mod? So there would be just one nascar version.

If you want to release it separately, no problem. Smile
i think release separately because the engine will not be the same, the sound will be different too ! so very different in terms of racing feeling.

and i will try to offer alternative bodies (but i expect difficulties about lod2...)

but no problem if you want to update yours with frame or tyres
in paralell on our RetroCup and T46.
i work on the Nascar T500.

so hard to fix tyres .. i search and test hundred frame/susp/tyres settings

initialy begin as a FlameCZ derivatives, it turns about a 90% new car finally.
the body form sketchfab was a little modified andthe Nascar ref models is now the 2021 era wich offer 18 inch rim wheel diameter and offer a interesting way to soluce tyres excessive heating on KY1.
rollcage was added, extinguisher, new steering wheel, and a way to have differents facelifts inspiring to real to offer diversity design on track

If you need help, maybe i can help you Wink
Nascar T500 is near to release

lot of work on cage, facelift stickers in 3 configs

stay tuned Wink
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cage nascar.jpg
release is near
2 skins on 3

T500 "Stallion" #14

T500 "Katana" #55
Have you update the physics? How are the tyres? Do they also overheat quickly like my version?
yes, i just keep the body wich is remodelled to match with facelifts concept
so the frame has been changed
the wheels dimensions are also changed to be same as 2021 nascar specs
and the engine has been set according EuroNascar series.
The tyres seems to have correct heat comportment on the Oval

the mod has been just released this day
the car was renamed into "T500 Daytona" due to request.

and it is better at end !Thumbs up
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This is excellent, we need some more skins for this