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#1 - Racon
Vehicle mod: PIRAN PF ONE
Details page:

Quote :Light and powerful 4WD in a unconventional configuration

Quote :Inspired by Phil Frank's Nike One as seen in Gran Turismo, the PF One is best described as a crazy 4WD electric motorbike. It's light, powerful, four-wheel drive with monsterously big tyres, and all in a configuration that's unusual and versatile. It loves zipping through traffic, going sideways around rallycross tracks at insane angles, or close open-wheel racing on an oval. All the speed is amplified by the driver's proximity to the road - it's an odd feeling looking upwards at an MRT driver.

I've tamed the sci-fi a little, and countered what I can, but you're still going to have to suspend a few disbeliefs... wheel hub mechanisms that somehow mimic a double wishbone perfectly, the capabilities of the human neck, how exactly the driver got in there in the first place, that sort of thing. (Take those issues up with Phil Wink )

I've added a fair whack of downforce with a proper aerofoil shape to the front wings, wing followers, and an enormous combination deflector/diffuser at the back to complement the combination tail / wedge-stabiliser. It might be too little force for that stubby a chord, but I didn't want to overdo it. It'll still lose the back going over the WE1 crest if you're not careful, and you feel the lack on the brakes under 60mph/100kph.

To do:

- Smoothing mesh (all over)
- Add detail (interior, roll bars)
- Make skinable
- Headlights/front indicators?
- Handlebar fix
- Any tweaks/changes from feedback.

Huge credit to CyberMob's Acer: I had found some potential and ruined it in several different ways with endless tinkerings back at the 4-wheels-and-a-board testing stage - he brought it back from the dead with his fixes, improved the handling all around, and made it worth continuing with. Much thanks Acer :thumbs:



Brake/Indicators: CC0 (
Leather: Free commercial use (


100% Gran turismo 4 vibes here Smile
Awesome! This is now my new favourite vehicle.

But please, smoother rear lamp. It is waayyyyy too blocky. And if possible, finetuning shape here and there. Otherwise it is ready to be accepted.

EDIT: Yes, as it reads in description. Hehe. I guess that includes lamp too!
Can rear wheels have R1 tires? or at least R2. Due car's layout, Rear Wheel tires are always cold. And because it is electric vehicle, wheel spin method is different compared to combustion engine vehicles.
#5 - Racon
Thanks for the kind words. It's a strange vehicle for sure Wink

Quick fixes: I've updated the rear lights and allowed all tyres.

To-do: I'm still thinking about the overall shape, more details, how much more I need to cut for wheels etc., and possibly adding fairings for the knee supports. I will save the smoothing for after another WIP update.
Excellent! thank you!

I didn't however mean the actual light, but the shape of how is the light modelled. It contains now 4 vertices outside ( 10 in total ). I guess at least multiplying 5 times of it, giving more circular shape of it.

Light Pattern and overall design is great!

And now, tyre section is perfection!

Thanks! It is REALLY fun to drive. And I do not care single bit of whether it is real life vehicle or not. Fictional or not.

Great work!

Suggestion: When this is finished. Are you able to care to add more powerful version with mild aeros? I think it would really fit on ultra futuristic vehicle class.
the_ring setup
Here's this vehicle's Just A Ride server's the_ring setup.

Tyres are extremely hard to keep under good temperature. Suggesting to drive aggressively.

Because rather long straights and quite forgiving vehicle due it's physical layout, you can hit some grass here and there.

Because rather long periods of throttle, you may lose some time in actual lap due softer tires providing less amount of top speed, yet still having some issues to keep tires in optimal temperature.

It is not perfect setup, but setup rather easiest to drive for starters.

Tyre pressure is kept somewhat minimal, due less damage to suspension received in case hitting walls/curbs on tighter sections.

Try to slide through corners while keeping steering near zero. This car seems to love it. Use weight shifting techniques. Remember, car is very forgiving at grassy sections as long as only front wheel is affected. Car is however 4WD. Better go full grass, 1 tyre only or not at all.

This vehicle is surprisingly fragile in certain damage areas. While easy to drive, handle with care.

EDIT: Helps if I also upload the setup lol.

Author can take this setup into default settings, if he wishes to do so. By all means.

Oh, Lap record on the_ring is now 2:15.30. Can go under 2:15. With perfect driving, can go under 2:14. Estimated theoretical best possible laptime is 2:12.97.
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the_ring 2 setup
Here is the alternative setup. Less forgiving but somewhat faster.
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8EFF4E_the_ring 2.set - 132 B - 118 views
#9 - Racon
I see what you mean with the lights now. I'm planning on smoothing them out with the rest of the curves, and the light texture will be fine-tuned a bit better to match. It'll still be three distinct sections, but they'll curve gently along their length and have a less angular transition between them.

Thanks for the setups, I will give them a thrashing over the weekend :thumbs: To be honest I'm really not skilled enough to drive this thing anywhere near the limits - it's all I can do to get through the roundabout section of the ring without crashing. It's no less fun though Wink

About a bigger version, maybe, but I've got a lot of other modding to do and not much time to do it. It's derivatives-allowed though, so anyone is welcome to make a bigger version if they're impatient. (This one does have aero, btw, quite a bit. It might not feel like it, but without any it is barely touching the ground at about 100kph Big grin )

Speaking of the fragility... we're running this tonight on DD at an offroad fig 8 (round 5, 20:30 UTC). Fingers crossed!
WOW I had this car in GT4! Looks super cool! Love wacky experimental looking cardesigns like this and chaparral Smile

Thank you for the car!
I wonder if I could make a conventional engine version of this car, with 7 gears, to somewhat mimic the Nike One from GT4, even though the actual car in GT4 had 8 gears

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