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Layout Racing League 2022: Announcement

Layout Racing League 2022- Announcement

Hello racers!

We are pleased to bring you the return of the Layout Racing League!

The series will continue to use layout circuits, with varying cars at each meeting. We have made a few small tweaks to the format for 2022. Each race will now run to laps (equalling approx. 40 minutes green flag racing) with a maximum time of 1 hour. There will still be one mandatory pit stop during the race. We have added two non-championship special events taking place at some iconic track layouts with some iconic cars.

The schedule:
Round0a - Indycar Grand Prix Streets of Long Beach - TBD
Round 1 - Broker Hill - GTi
Round 2 - YES Ring by Trespasser – LX4
Round 3 - Mini Monaco - UFBR
Round 4 - Scawen Racetrack – LX4
Round 5 - RGE Sprint-8 – GTi
Round 6 - KY33 Long by Trespasser – FZ5
Round 7 - Lmaoring - GTi
Round 8 - 9397 Karousel Fern Bay - TBO
Round0b - V8SC Gold Coast 600 - TBD

Round 0a and Round 0b are both NON-CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS

Round 01a Media - Long Beach American Street Classic
Round 01a Media - Promo