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Recovered from D3D error
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Recovered from D3D error
Hello, after 0.7b update my game is running into d3d errors.
Game is running great until it freezes for like 45sec. then recovers itself.
For now I have tried to reinstalled video drivers , windows and thermal paste Big grin
Dell xps L502x / Nvidia Geforce 540m
Has anyone else had similar problem?
Directx update or try to install an older version of the driver
I didn´t have this issue with previous version.

Game freezes, recovers itself with the following txt in LFS.

"Recovered from D3D device error"
"Could not set the render target texture as the render target"
nothing helped so far, im gonna try to install another game today to test if my GPU chip has died. I suppose its some sort of ingame bug.
Otherwise LFS is running smooth and my Dell is not getting hotter than 80c celsius while playing.
I managed to get game running on lower graphics, still dont know whats causing it. Furmarks stress test passed. Everything seems to be good. Its funny how smooth game is when graphics maxed out.

Recovered from D3D error
(5 posts, started )