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P4 ATN 2017
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P4 ATN 2017
Vehicle mod: P4 ATN 2017
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Quote :German touring car

Quote :P4 ATN 2017, RWD car.
It´s inspired by the 2017 M4 DTM. It has the same engine and suspension. Default setup with similar gear ratio.
It´s a work in progress mod. I´ll finish the interior later (rollcage and some interior textures).

Great mod. Thanks!
Smile thx for the feedback
I'm curious about the downforce of the car. Did you reference real life GT3 cars to get the downforce right?
It seems to have a lot more compared to the stock GTR cars in LFS
Sup man, i found some vídeos about DTM cars. The First versions came with low downforce but no one likes (i got 2.5 stars and people calling this mod shit).
You know what? That's fair. The car looks and handles great man. Smile

Do you have plans on making this car skin mappable?
I have, but o dont know how to make it Frown i know there is an option but i habe tô figure out how to use it
#8 - Rubie
take a look to lfs car, it helps alot and mod is perfect, good job
Thx rubie
the car has excessive downforce
By searching the internet, technical essays and magazines you can find data to make it more realistic. But for reference, you could guide yourself with the LFS GTs. At most increase 10 or 20 percent
Man, i already did It. The First versions came with leds downforce, as said above, no one likes it, so o put a bit more downforce.
Qnd about data, i cant find data from this cara, only 2018, but 2018 had 1/3 less downforce
mate the mod is so good, good job! you just have to work the interior btu the sound the car and all is so good!!!1
Thx man, i need to finish the steering. The sound was made by martin18
Needs a skin template.
I'll make it maybe next week
im in love with this car, and the sound is really good. been blasting it around westhill the entire night. hope it gets a good interiors.
I really loved this car, i tried it out before it gone approved it was really hard on bumpy track
Now i tried it with *Nova* Layout, a replica of norisring, it was really great car to drive from the stock setup, just i have some suggestions:
-Interior need some working, its too dark
-I noticed that the suspension are really fragile, easy to damage (my opinion)
-And lastly, a live ARBs and brake bias adjustment
sup man, i´ll work with interior and steering wheel. The suspension is fragile because it has too much downforce. i´ll adjust the brakes too
New aero, interior and skin template provided by PedroXDBR
Hi mate, how come the aero was changed? The car drives so differently to before. Its understeers a lot more.

Any chance you could adjust the DEFAULT setup in accordance with the aero change to reduce/stop the understeer or set the aero back to what it was?

Still love this mod though, great work!
thx for feedback, i will adjust the default setup
It is super good and drives really well !
Really good mod.
thx for the feedback elias Smile)))
Car's aerodynamics kinda look... a bit ugly. Can highly compensate if those can also be colored

Rear lights are not working correctly by pressing 3. Only right side turns on, but looks more like right-side never turns on correctly, while left side is always on.

It is faster than GTR, but it is probably very good competitor for LSV 12 GTR, so power should be ok.
Car´s aerodynamic were made with realistic data by PedroBr.
Both rear lights are working when u press 3, maybe it is the shadows (like in just a ride server). Engine power matches the real data

P4 ATN 2017
(26 posts, started )