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MRc E-Challenge 2022: Broadcasts
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MRc E-Challenge 2022: Broadcasts

Sim Broadcasts are partnering with Master Race Car to bring you live coverage of their Formula E inspired E-Challenge series in Live for Speed. Coverage will begin with the super-pole shootout at 16:40 UTC on the Sim Broadcasts Twitch and YouTube channels.


If you would like to use the Sim Broadcasts logo on your skin or promotional material, you can download them from our media pack. Please follow the usage guide when placing logos.


If you are competing in the E-Challenge, you are welcome to participate in mid or post-race interviews.

In the NDR Teamspeak server, please join the waiting room channel where voice is disabled. This ensures that you are not disturbed by others during your race. You may wish to disable other Teamspeak notifications by deactivating the default Teamspeak sound pack (Settings > Options > Notifications > Sound Pack > Sounds Deactivated) or by setting up a hotkey to mute/unmute your Teamspeak audio.

Please note: Being in the waiting room channel means that you are prepared to be interviewed at any time. You will only be moved into the commentary booth if your speakers and microphone are unmuted.

Once you have Teamspeak installed, you can connect to the server at: Please note that all drivers are expected to be connected to the NDR Teamspeak server anyway during NDR events.


Use of the NDR and SBTV Teamspeak servers come with a couple of disclaimers. Please make sure you are aware of them.
  • Members of the Sim Broadcasts team should not be disturbed at any time on our Teamspeak server so please refrain from messaging or poking them. Doing so will result in your immediate removal from the server.
  • We will try to interview as many drivers as possible post-race and will prioritise those with the best results in each session. We will only interview drivers mid-race if it fits with the race narrative.
  • Please try to act professionally during your interview and avoid any profanities. We reserve the right to deny you future interviews if you violate these terms.
This information is also available on our website:

Have a great race!

The Sim Broadcasts Team

Round 1 VOD

looked like at the end Lee ran out of battery charge and nerves Shrug
nice broadcast Thumbs up

MRc E-Challenge 2022: Broadcasts
(3 posts, started )