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Vehicle mod: MRT1000
Details page:

Quote :MRT With R1 Engine And Formula V8 Wings

Quote :Yamaha YZF-R1 2010 Engine
Formula V8 Wings

#2 - AEF
It's similar to an italian Formula Predator. I like it!
And I suggest:
1) Probably more weight: around 385Kg with driver
2) A more loud engine: now it doesn't sound like and R1 engine
3) Perhaps less tyres width: 195 front and 225 rear is already right
4) Graphically the front wing appears too big and for both wings I suggest only one airfoil

Good work!
#3 - FIZ
Underrated mod.. This has a lot of potential!

As AEF said, it is similar to a Formula Predator:

If this is still a WIP, I hope to see an updated version Smile

I see you made other mods like the 23R JDM and it is clear your technical skills are improving.
However abount car skins, engine sound and engine curve, you know you can ask for help around.
very fun car to drive actually! I think the car should be left as what it is, but the http link on side pod is not very... immersive. I bet the skin is taken from original MRT5 car, thus does not fit as 1-on-1 on this car's shape. Simply does not fit well.

Therefore, when skinning is possible? Tongue
I will try to update some things soon, using the suggestions from the comments above,
This is great fun around the club and kart circuits. Thanks!

(6 posts, started )