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Sad news - Fordman
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My condolences to friends and family.

I have fond memories of chatting with Shaun “back in the day”. Always positive Frown
Honestly very sorry to hear that. Cancer is an a$$hole...

Condolences to family and close friends.
Knew him from his forum posts and a few races. was always willing to help, share setups etc. condolences to all his friends and family. Cancer is a bitch my brother has it and wont live too much longer many schoolmates from 50 yrs ago have past and many more are struggling now with this horror
That's sad news. Thanks for letting us know Tristan.
Aw man, that sucks. RIP Ford. Frown
Sad news indeed. RIP Fordman.Frown
Just seen this, please you posted here as I disconnected from him on Facebook in a big clear out years ago. I think I did only meet him in person the once but I quickly warmed to him; handsome, approachable and charismatic. I believe he organised the first LFS UK meet which led to so many more and thus all those good times with so many of you. We all have those memories as his legacy.

A great character from the sim racing world. Gone but not forgotten.
Just seeing this now.
Sad news, I remember Fordman Frown
RIP simracer.
Oh man.
I use to race Lx4's with this dude years ago.
Oh man, I’ve not checked this forum for a very longtime so only just seen this. I remember Shaun setting up the old skool races, his enthusiasm and drive to make everyone happy and welcome was the thing that stuck with me, a true gent and friend. Rest in peace pal Frown
Will miss our Lx4 duels too. R.I.P. fella Frown
Echoing sentiments, RIP Dude x

Sad news - Fordman
(38 posts, started )