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Need softer block for g920 brake.
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Need softer block for g920 brake.
Hi, I have a Logitech g920 with the gteye brake mod, however I after a year of use I put the rubber block back in and prefer the feel. However, it is way to stiff (to the point where my whole rig is bending), so has anyone managed to find a softer block anywhere or made something them selves?

Quick note, please don't suggest a load cell, I'm sure there great, but it's out of my price range and I'm not particularly sold on the reviews either.

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I stuffed it with foam which gives nice progressive feel. I would say try any spongy items that you find, maybe something works perfect for you Big grin
Thankyou, I will see what I can do.
I have heard that an eraser also works quite well for anyone interested.
I changed block from g29 to softer one but all i got was spongy feel, not more feel.

Better thing would be to find different spring and put that on, without any blocks.
I'm quite happy with this mod. I'm using it with the original spring though, the custom one is way too stiff for me (I'm not driving in shoes). However the original spring doesn't have enough strength to fully push the pedal back to the default position when released, it was getting stuck at like 30%, so I just put a little bit of vaseline around the rubber ring and it works great.
I am using the original spring with a pencil eraser, I found the one with a similar profile, but it was longer, I just cut it down to a similar size. It is softer than the stock G29 rubber bar and it's much better for me. I have more room for modulation as it gets squeezed hard.

Need softer block for g920 brake.
(7 posts, started )