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Valtteri Bottas in LFS
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#1 - bowst
Valtteri Bottas in LFS
Just browsing some LFS videos on youtube when i found this video about a current Formula One driver playing LFS back in the past.

It's Valtteri Bottas(lfsw: vale)

From a random teenager having fun playing LFS to driving for the best team in motorsport history. What a man!

Quote from Vale :Thanks all for congratulating me!

I played LFS for fun many years but unfortunately last 2 of my racing seasons has been so busy that I have not have time really to play.. but I'm sure I will play sometimes still in the future as LFS is a really fun game and you get really tight nice races online Smile

Have a nice races and maybe we see online some day!

Valtteri Bottas

Well if he even remember this game ...

I would like to see him online again, althought maybe for one race only or even just revisiting this forum.

Anyway good luck to him for his Formula One campaign.
That's cool!
Oh shit, I remember that username, I’ve raced against him a few times.
Ah yeah, I remember I've annihilated him in a few races.

Yes,there's one LFS racer who's racing actual cars - the guy in green/white/grey car #60

NickC won the Daytona 24hrs in his class a couple months ago Smile
#7 - gu3st
Louis Delatraz is a frequent participant in one of the iRacing series I've been focusing on the last 2 seasons.
Wow that replay brought back some memories, those were the days! I did quite some great leagues in that time but nothing could match the open wheel racing league and the original lfs league. Many thanks to Wouter''Krutch'' de Bruin and Mr. and Ms. Fiendi. Many happy memories!

If you read this i was racing under the name ''FiredUp''.
Quote from ChristijaNL :If you read this i was racing under the name ''FiredUp''.

I'm not sure I ever raced Bottas, but I surely raced Nicky and used to see FiredUp a lot in Gentlefoot and other events like NDR TBO Challenge and such.

Fun times, even though I only saw those drivers when they were lapping me. Tilt
#11 - SamH
Geez! I remember vale disappearing into the distance ahead of me a few times. Smile

Not a huge CTRA racer but put in a few hundred laps, definitely favoured the open wheelers over the tin-tops and doesn't appear to have been a fan of Bump and Jump.
Other old-school LFS guys racing in real life:

Scott Andrews aka DuCK (IMSA)
Norbi Kiss (FIA European Truck Racing)
Teemu Suninen (WRC)
Christian Krognes aka Chriskart (VLN/Nürburgring 24h)
Rudy van Buren, World's Fastest Gamer (Porsche Carrera Cup Germany)
Philip Ellis aka painster (various GT3 championships)
Christer Jöns (various GT3 championships)
Kevin Korjus (kardisoatja) drove renault f1 car in young driver test.
Michael van der Mark (michaelvdm) World Superbikes with BMW.
#16 - CSF
Teemu Suninen of WRC fame was in CoRe
but now he is the superstar of jamaican cross country skiers

Valtteri Bottas in LFS
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