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#1 - Racon
PiranMOTO Trial of Champions #1: Results!
Trial of Champions #1 - The results are in!

Wow! What an event! A good showing of drivers from outside the DD world adding to several DD champions meant for absolute chaos on-track, right from the off!

== RACE 1:

UF1 at the Celtic Midi track: with 16 crossings per lap, chaos was guaranteed. TimDC managed to squeeze his way through T1 chaos and into the lead. The crossings did for a number of leaders as Santzik and then Rony led before TimDC got back to the front, this time with Simox bumper-to-bumper behind... before ET sending Simox home.

RD2 and Jam were a close 2nd and 3rd, relatively untroubled by the crossings until RD found too many at once coming at him. Jam's turn to be clattered came next lap, leaving him lost and falling to 4th as TimDC brought home the first win of the evening, with Michal and RD2 rounding out the podium.

== RACE 2:

Race 2 started with friendly-fire, Darido going from pole to nowhere as a duo of MRc teammates managed to roll him over the ramp in front of a swarming pack, by pushing Rony into him. Rony held firm and came out ahead, before he and Texas were spun by Maso on a rampage. Vitas had taken the lead through judicious use of the wide line. TimDC had caught up from 16th spot, but lost out on the crossing. Dlocky looked to be catching him up before a bad landing rolled him into the path of a crossing car, and shortly after TimDC was there again and passed. Both drivers then suffered equally on the crossings until Flying ET caught them up. He'd jumped from 18th to the top 5 early on and was entering the battle. TimDC, on lap 5 or 6, lands on another car and is clattered again as he tried to return to the race and ET sweeps into the lead for the final lap.

On the very first crossing, ET is tagged. It's not fatal, but it slows him down enough to make it a 1-2-3 train of ET, TimDC and Vitas at the first checkpoint. ET and TimDC break away with ET less than a car length ahead at checkpoint 3 - just one crossing to go... and... Arrrghhh! he's been taken out!, ET's gone! ET's gone! Another win for TimDC, with Vitas in 2nd and Flying ET having to settle for third.

- At the end of Round 1, TimDC leads with a maximum 80 points, followed by Michal on 70 and Flying ET on 64. -

== RACE 3:

Race 3 saw us move to the GT class at the Two Towers track, only one crossover but plenty of danger with its long, downhill, ever-tightening turn 5. The first crossing provided a near miss already, with a late starter sliding neatly between 2nd and 3rd, as TimDC and Flying ET sweep into the lead from 2nd and 4th, with Texas holding off Uber and Michal. Further back, Roberson and Dlocky are suffering from the crossover. ET gets past TimDC and holds him off for over a lap, until catching Sumato on the crossing causes a forward flip and a long, slow roof slide helped on by Gabor who grabs 2nd as Michal fends off Uber in 3rd and 4th.

Right at the start of the second half of the race, the crossing takes Gabor from P2 in one direction, then Uber, Michal and RD2 from P3, 4 and 5 just seconds later in the other direction, via the medium of a flying Mandula. Michal recovered the best of those, and a lap later TimDC is slowed by the crossing and the gap is narrowed to a couple of seconds, the top four spread over 8 seconds. The crossing takes one final victim from that group, leaving a third win in a row for TimDC, 2nd place for Michal and 3rd for Misterviin.

== RACE 4:

Maso and Texas tussle from the start as Mandula and Rony squeeze through the inside and into the lead. Texas makes full use of T5, sending it up the inside and gaining positions whilst leaving a wake of destruction in his trail, Mandula losing out with no help from his front wheels. Rony leads across the line and is bundled out of the way by Texas through the crossover and T2, Rony fights back with a push and 6 cars have passed the applemen car by the next split!

Rik and RD2 are into the top three, who are all seperated by a couple of seconds. Rony loses out next on the crossing, and TimDC is up to 3rd place. The next lap sees Rik get all sideways in avoidance and RD2 sweep past, only to be stopped dead at the crossover - when everyone was up to speed again the top 3 places were within a second! TimDC came out on top of that fight and took the lead into the final lap, but another crossing allowed Rik to catch up and pounce on the corner, turning TimDC into the path of Michal. Rik wins, followed by RD2 and TimDC.

- At the end of Round 2, TimDC leads with 156 points of a possible 160, followed by Michal on 142 and Flying ET on 106. -

== RACE 5:

Back to tarmac for Round 3, with the XFJ and UFJ at the Industrial Crossover track. Gabor makes a clean getaway whilst others behind slow themselves down with minor tussling, making the most of the clear crossovers early in the race. T1 sees action the second time around with Sumato being pushed around, rolled over, and car-surfed all the way to T2... holding up a gaggle of cars. By this time the cars were spread enough for the crossovers to come into play, and TimDC was up into 3rd from 16th, then pushing his way to 2nd before... TimDC's been obliterated! by his own brother!

Botsi retakes 2nd before RD2 and Vitas are hit too from 4th and 5th. On the same lap, P1, 2 and 3 all take hits on the home run and TimDC gets back to 2nd and Michal sneaks into the podium positions... before getting a bit too 2-wheeled and being saved from rolling only by a static TimDC who seems to be admiring a lamp-post - his suspension no longer on his side. Gabor was leading by some 10 seconds, but Michal has caught Botsi and makes short work of barging past, rolling the little UFJ with the bigger XFJ for the final podium lineup.

== RACE 6:

Tim808 takes pole this time, and he too and gets away as chaos explodes behind him - Rony comes off worse in a tussle with a small bush, Texas speaks whit lamppost and Gabor is squeezed by Dlocky into a cartwheel across the first ramp. At the end of the first lap Janis leads Misterviin and Simox over the line, but Simox's jostling past leaves the door open and he and Michal shoot off, all the way to... the next corner, where they're both caught out by a curb and passed by a swarm of cars, Flying ET is up to 3rd... and then gone.

A new top three consisting of Janis, Tim808 and Vitas have best picked their way through the carnage, but Vitas soon falls as Mandula works his way up to 2nd. Lap 4 and Mandula lands on ET and whoosh! Amazingly enough, he survived this impact in terms of position, but not so lucky next time around, eventually slipping down to 6th. TimDC and Texas take their turns trailing Janis - who wins with a flourish across the line - and round out the podium.

- At the end of Round 3, TimDC leads with 202 points of a possible 240, followed by Michal on 200 and Flying ET on 158. Janis Petke, Texas, Jelle De Cnodder and Misterviin are following closely with scores from 148 to 144! -

== RACE 7:

Round 4 takes us to the infamous BarrelRoll track with TBOs! Jam starts on pole for the 20,000th PiranMOTO race, but tags the wall on the way out of T1 as RD2 drives vertically around the outside of the roll and storms into the lead, closely followed by Michal and Dlocky. By the end of lap 1, Jam is last and Vitas has joined a tight group of four at the front, lead by Michal.

A lap later and Misterviin has joined the pack and takes the lead, before being collected at the crossover by Mandula and rejoining back into 4th place. He soon has company as Dlocky is sent to the wall, and now just Vitas and Michal are left trading places at the front. Onto the final lap and Michal sends it into the banked turn, but is collected by an out of control back marker. Vitas avoids similar disaster from an out of control teammate and wins, Michal second and Simox third.

== RACE 8:

TimDC leads from pole, with the pack thinning and falling away on both T1 and T2, but Dlocky has managed to fight his way through that and challenge into the crossover. By the end, the pack has arrived and TimDC has to slow to avoid, Dlocky keeps his foot down and he's past. Next time around Dlocky comes to a complete halt for traffic and watches as TimDC returns the favour, with Michal joining in for good measure. No time for picnics in DD, Dlocky!

Michal and Dlocky then get involved in a crossover collision, and Gabor and Misterviin are back up with them as TimDC opens up a lead big enough to clear the crossover, just, as four cars led by Vitas vie for 2nd. Mandula knocked him out at the crossover, and next lap Janis spins out RD2 in the same place to go into 2nd. Seconds later Janis is clouted, but survives, as RD2 is clobbered in the hardest hit we saw all evening and, to add insult to injury, is also DNF'd by the sim for staying still too long. TimDC wins, Janis 2nd and Michal in 3rd.

- At the end of Round 4, Michal leads with 274 points of a possible 320, followed by TimDC on 262 and Janis Petke on 208. Just 16 points span the next six drivers with Flying ET and Jelle De Cnodder leading the charge -

== RACE 9:

No more tarmac now as we move to the Forest2 track with the FX2 - knobbly tyres were essential for maximum control in this wild, wide, undulating track through the middle of a forest. Uber leads from the line, but after all that tarmac and grippy tyres, many people fall at T1. Leading from the carnage is RD2 up from 4th, followed by Michal from 6th and Uber keeps with them in third. A rare mistake from RD2 sees him sent around by adverse camber and losing an argument with a tree, before finally Michal and Dlocky barging past and into the lead. Gabor and Flying ET are missing out behind with synchronised crashing, and Jelle De Cnodder getting caught up in the aftermath.

TimDC is now closing in on RD2, despite a low start position and an unlucky T1, making two pairs battling at the top. Dlocky stretches his lead as RD2 and TimDC both get caught on the crossover, but has a near miss into the final lap. It's not enough to stop him, Dlocky takes the win, Michal in second and TimDC in third.

== RACE 10:

Misterviin leads Mandula at the restart, the former's wide tail knocking the latter into a lamppost to create a bottleneck - they both escape in order and lead Texas over the bridge. Shortly after... Misterviin's stopped; Mandula's crashed into a tree; Texas's gone into a tree; everybody's crashing into trees!. Misterviin kept the lead until the next T1 where he hit the same lamppost he used against Mandula the previous lap, and the chasing Janis, Dlocky and Simox fly by while RD2, TimDC, Mandula and Botsi all catch up. Tim808 gets a shout-out for getting his Larsen's Biscuits skin an airing at this point!

On to the final lap and TimDC is battling hard with Janis, trading punts and brake checks, and taking defensive lines. This allows Simox to sweep past the pair in T1, but he doesn't quite clear the front and TimDC spins him around to take 2nd place. Dlocky wins, TimDC second and Simox rounds out the podium. Michal finishes tenth, and with that the showdown Final is set...

- At the end of Round 5, TimDC leads with 336 points of a possible 400, followed by Michal just two points behind on 334, and Dlocky and Janis tied on 252. Three drivers span the next 2 points positions, but alas, they are no longer in with a chance.

For Janis or Dlocky to win the trial, they would have to beat TimDC and Michal by 17 places. If they're not in those last few spots, Michal and TimDC only have to finish in front of the other to claim the crown. -

== RACE 11: The Final:

The longer final race offers 100 points to the winner, and takes place in the FX2 on the alternate version of the Forest2 track - some one-way ramps have been added and the bridge has now been removed so that it's... crossovers all the bloomin' way! Dlocky gets a good start from pole and manages to keep ahead of Michal through the first turn, as TimDC tangles with Flying ET and the pack roars past. Dlocky and Michal trade places as they tussle at the front, as TimDC recovers to 12th place and 25 seconds behind the leader at the end of the first lap.

Lap 2 and Michal suffers the extra crossovers as first Uber then Misterviin clatter him and RD2 slips past, as TimDC creeps up to P8. Dlocky is tagged next lap, passing a momentarily stationary TimDC, but neither suffer too much delay.

Halfway there! As we cross into lap 4 of 6, TimDC is up to 5th behind Michal in 3rd, 15 seconds behind with the bit between his teeth as demonstrated by his fastest lap. Janis in 4th is taken by the crossover next, then shortly afterwards RD2 from 2nd. RD2 recovers to battle with Michal who has hit a tree, as TimDC gains another place and closes the gap to just 5 seconds of clear track at the first split on lap 5.

Michal's car is looking a bit worse for wear as RD2 passes, and seconds later there is disaster as he spins and has to watch as TimDC powers past him! RD2 had apparently been on a detour but was hanging on to third place. There was still a lap left to go, but the crossovers decided they'd taken enough blood, leaving Dlocky to the top step, TimDC to 2nd and RD2 to 3rd place. Michal brings it in in 4th place just 10 seconds behind TimDC...


And so, after an amazingly close and hard-fought battle, PiranMOTO's first ever Trial of Champions Champion, with 431 points of a possible 500, the Champion of the Crossover: MRc's Tim De Cnodder! Congratulations Tim!

In second place with 419 points, missing out by an 11-second whisker, is MRc's Michal! Congratulations Michal!

In third place with 352 points is VM's Dlocky! Congratulations Dlocky!

Thank you to all our competitors for setting such a demanding level of competition, and for keeping it so good-natured - easier said than done in any racing, let alone DD. You're all a credit to the community!

Full results are available at

A huge thanks too, to Simbroadcasts for their amazing work in bringing this event to the wider world, and Jonathan Siddle for his wonderful commentary - We hope you guys had as much fun as we did on the track!

The full broadcast is available on SBTV's YouTube channel, at and embedded below!

Join us Friday nights at 19:00 UTC for more DD!

Full SBTV broadcast:

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