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#1 - Racon
PiranMOTO Trial of Champions #1: Trial of the Crossover - Mon 3rd May, 19:00 UTC
Roll up ladies and gentlemen for a once-in-a-very-long-time opportunity to test yourself in contact racing against the best of the best!

A trial that will test your speed, your reactions, your offense, your defence, your strategy and your luck as the cars grow ever more powerful. Random grids will make short work of the delicate, and nobody, in this trial, is ever safe from the spectre of the crossover.

And, what's more, the winner will have to prove all this in front of a live audience - That's right, the whole trial will be broadcast live by Simbroadcasts with guest commentary from PM's Jon!

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike our regular Friday Open DD nights, registration *is* required for this event.

35 places are available initially, with 5 reserved for invitations (unused invitations will be returned to the pool).

Places will be awarded in order of highest score acheived at a PiranMOTO Open DD event, tie-broken on date of registration. The last Open DD event available in which to register a score before the Trial of Champions event is Friday 30/4/21 at 19:00 UTC.

To register: supply your name, racing number and LFS username by reply in this post, or in the #trialofchampions channel on discord. The list in this post will serve as the official list.

The entry list will be finalised at 11:00 UTC on the day of the event, and the password sent to all participants via LFS Forum message shortly thereafter.


Jam, 616, racon
TimDC, 11, timdecnodder
Vitas, 993, Giulio Niewiadomski
RG^Mandula, 43, MandulAA
Flying ET, 3, atthis
Rabbit, 54, deusvultmydudes
[AJS] Misterviin, 007, Misterviin
Tim, 808, subphonic
Cooper, 44, zero87945
S1DUS*R.Kardol, 06, rik97
Janis Petke, 42, nikopdr
RD2, 83, rallydriver2
[MRc] Michal, 47, michal 1279
Jelle De Cnodder, 57, dendc
S1DUS*GáboR, 25, Viperakecske
[AT]Jereloco, 999, pianomen
[MRc] Texas, 64, texxxas
Roberson, 99, isaac68ea
Uber, 69, nicolarson5
VM.Dlocky, 17, finland69
[6S] SIMOX, 13, drifteris
S1DUS*Botsi, 75, Botswanan Salama
RG^Rony, 96, Eclipsed
[MCT] Sumato, 82, oliwier3
Maso, 420,
[MRc] Darido, 24, dario378
Attached images
Name : TimDC
Racing Number : 11
LFSusername : timdecnodder
Name: Vitas
Racing Number: 993
LFSusername: Giulio Niewiadomski
Name : RG^Mandula
Racing Number : 43
LFSusername : MandulAA
Name: Tim
Racing Number: 808
LFS username: subphonic
#6 - rik97
Name: S1DUS*R.Kardol
Racing number: 06
LFS username: Rik97
Name: RD2
Racing number: 83
LFSusername: rallydriver2
Name: [MRc] Michal
Racing number: 47
LFS username: michal 1279
#9 - dendc
Name: Jelle De Cnodder
Nr: 57
LFS: dendc
Name: [AT]Jereloco
Racing number: 47
LFS username: pianomen
Jereloco, Michal has taken no. 47 already - I've added you as 999 temporarily, let me know what to change it to Thumbs up
Name: [MRc] Texas
Racing number: 64
LFS username: texxxas
Name: Roberson
Racing number: 99
LFS username: isaac68ea
Name: [6S] SIMOX
Racing number: 13
LFS username: drifteris

It's Trial of Champions day, ladies and gentlemen! Last chance to sign-up for televised carnage Thumbs up Wink
Password has now been sent!

Subphonic - you have personal messages turned off! I'm trying to find you on discord, find me first if you can Wink

As we still have places left without having to filter people by scores, we're extending the registration until 1 hour before the start of the event. Registration now closes at 18:00 UTC, event begins at 19:00 UTC.
Name: S1DUS*Botsi
Racing number: 75
LFS username: Botswanan Salama
Name: RG^Rony
Racing number: 96
LFS username: Eclipsed
Skins for driver #11 TimDC
Attached images
** Registration is now closed! **