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Normal FFB with wheel turning right but inverted FFB turning left
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Normal FFB with wheel turning right but inverted FFB turning left
I recently upgraded to a VRS direct force pro DD wheelbase, and I am having a strange issue that when the wheel turns to the right everything is normal, and when the car starts rolling the wheel wants to naturally go back to center. However if the wheel turns to the left just a tiny bit the FFB seems inverted and the steering wheel just goes straight full lock to the left and keeps going to the left.

I searched the forum and there was another user who had the same issue with Thrustmaster wheelbase, but he also said his issue was gong with a patch. My LFS is the latest version and it was running fine with my previous wheel a Fanatec CSL.

VRS team told me it could be that LFS is recognizing my wheelbase as a joystick rather than a wheel. I checked the CFG file but didn't find something particularly useful. Is there a way to fix that?
Bump... Still searching for a workaround...
I used to have this problem with a Thrustmaster base, but only managed to fix it by reinstalling windows. I have no idea why it happened or if there's a proper fix for it.
This sounds like a standard problem with wrongly choosing a signed or unsigned integer, which simply gets overflown.

example: a) int16_t, 16bit, -32767 to 32767 (0 center)
b) uint16_t, 16bit, 0 to 65535 (32768 center)

This is defined in the HID, or firmware of the device. Usually for wheel controllers, the steering axis is a signed integer, for example (a), where the raw value of 0 is a wheel center and this is used to calculate the FFB. In that case, bits 0 to 14 are the value, while the last bit15 is a sign. Giving this variable a value of 32768 will cause it to overflow and give a result of -32767. The same goes for an FFB magnitude value, which if not defined correctly may cause the same issue. The LFS is simply reading whatever is reported by the device in HID descriptor.

To check this, I would suggest you try one of the following programs capable of reading raw values from USB joysticks or wheels: DIView, DXTweak2
The best would be: WheelCheck which can generate FFB effects as well.

See attached pictures of DXTweak. For some reason, I got device names reversed while printscreen. My DIY Arduino wheel is -32k to 32k and Thrustmaster wheel is 0 65535 in X axis. Both wheels are working normally in LFS with the correct FFB.
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Hej guys, another VRS DFP owner with the similar issue. I checked my wheel with DIview and this is what i get *(see attached). the "normal" data and raw data differ by half a measure, i guess this is what is confusing LFS. I tried playing with calibrations, but no success, only wierd results. What can be done?
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Normal FFB with wheel turning right but inverted FFB turning left
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