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Deadzone setup > within LFS
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Quote from lolzol :...Wheel, you might have overlooked the setting to allow game to alter settings.
(don't know if you have to turn this on for DXtweak)...

Great thought man.. unfortunately still no dice, whether that option's checked or not. :sorry: What I did just notice is that while DXTweak is in fact allowing me to save "profiles" & close without crashing, the next time I load it up my profile isn't actually being utilized. What I mean by this is, I see my deadzone represented in the graph/chart to the right, but the arrow representation on the left shows no deadzone. Also, no matter what profile I select, they're all identical to the last one saved :banghead: (after specifically saving three very different profiles/deadzones)

EDIT - Sooo, it's really just a minute amount of play in the wheel @ center that I'm needing to make "go away". Are there any somewhat related in-game settings I could maybe use to deaden centerline input, but without totally jacking up the rest of the input range? (or maybe in Logitech's profiler software)
You have deadzone settings in the logitech profiler. It seems like a lot of people don't know about this.

Profiler -> Steering wheel -> Axis properties.

EDIT & actually Off-topic:
But for people thinking any axis is too sensitive by default...
All axis are set to 50% sensitivity by default in the logitech profiler.
Quote from lolzol :You have deadzone settings in the logitech profiler. It seems like a lot of people don't know about this.

Profiler -> Steering wheel -> Axis properties...

LOL, thanks man!! I'd actually found the same info elsewhere, (during my own pre-thread investigation), though apparently it was too late and/or I too drunk, cause I still couldn't find it. :o

It seems I've got a new problem though... no matter what I seem to do, when I set a deadzone it always puts it slightly right of center?! I've recalibrated the wheel both in and out of game as well as tried removed and non-removed deadzones from within the game. The wheel is showing centered in the game as well - wtf?

EDIT - Please disregard the "new problem".. apparently even though DXTweak would not actually apply a deadzone, somehow it managed to screw up Logitech's deadzone assignments. After deleting all DXTweak profiles I made as well as recalibrating the wheel, I can properly set a deadzone. As for Logitech's default of 50% sensitivity, I think that's a load of crap/their 50 is actually 100%, haha. Thanks again!!
Quote from CasbahBoy :You can count me in as one that is desperately in need of in-game deadzone adjustment. My controller, like a lot of PS2-USB adapters, does not use any sort of custom driver, and as a result uses generic controller drivers provided within Windows; this generic driver does NOT have any sort of deadzone adjustment available.

Live for Speed is amazing, but it is incredibly twitchy driving a front-wheel drive car, and it is absolutely impossible to maintain a smooth heading in a rear-wheel drive car because every tiny movement of the analog stick in its' center positions is registered in-game. Not even DXTweak2 has worked, LFS seems to ignore the deadzone adjustments I make via that application Frown

the same thing happens to me... Looney its weird and a bit annoying in the BL straight.
GG for digging a 4 years old thread!

We still need this deadzone feature though.
What's so taboo about a deadzone setting?

I tried every other configuration to no avail. I need a deadzone increase because my Xbox360 controller is a low-quality non-precise instrument.

Smoothing doesn't help, linearity doesn't help. I need to define a larger than default centered "dead area" when no force is applied to the controller, otherwise I drive like in the green-screen movies where the actor keeps swinging the wheel left and right even though they're on a straight road...

Without a deadzone setting I can only turn, I cannot go in a straight line.

So please, either add a deadzone setting or add curve-only tracks without a single straight segment.
Bumping old thread for awareness.
Please Scawen, add the possibility to configure a axis deadzone (best along with the memorization of connected controllers) when you find time. It really makes the game more user friendly.

Since LFS version V came out, I recently got back into playing a bit LFS with my XBox 360 controller.
I really wished there was a option to configure the deadzone since you never go straight when centering (or let go of) the stick for the steering axis.
Since it's cumbersome to setup my wheel on the table just for 30-60 minutes of racing, I often use my XBox 360 controller instead.
I play Assetto Corsa Competitione and Euro/American Truck simulator with this controller it too, which have a option to configure the deadzone. It helps alot.

EDIT: fixing misspelling

Deadzone setup > within LFS
(32 posts, started )