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#1 - P V L
[DS] Driver Seat

Hello gentlemen Smile, after 2 weeks of working on the layouts and getting the servers started with the lapper working for laptimes up to

90 minutes its finally done. [DS] Servers await you to show your skills. I highly recommend to start on [DS] Easy, follow the 3 messages

shown when entering a server and you can make it to the end. Another advice, its good to go pretty slow on the first lap.Wink Going

fast is only needed when air signs are telling a number, i.e. when its saying 75 go 75 kmh or slightly more. Make sure to not miss signs

and if needed just go back a bit or use free view (shift+u) to find where to continue. You may go for a PB later once you are familiar

with the route.
There are 4 Trails on [DS] Servers:

Easy ( 25 min in an XFG driven by myself),

Medium (41 min in an XFG driven by myself),

Hard (51 min in an XFG driven by myself)

X-Dream ( ~ 75+min in an XFG , nobody finished a lap yet )

For further information or questions feel free to contact me, best on our discord:

Now join, start your engines and have fun on the longest lasting laps ever in LFS . Best wishes to you all, P V L Wave

Edit: Added a replay of the lap I did on [DS] Trail hard
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Full Lap Trail Hard 51 min.mpr - 1.3 MB - 56 views
hi old men Smile

I can recommend the easy track .. to drive really well ..

The other difficulty levels are really not easy to drive .. you have to concentrate very much Smile

very good work Smile

please check out the tracks .. i recommend it Wink
Ok, I have now finished twice both Easy and Medium trails... I think this is interesting, have to concentrate very well at least until you learn these trails any better Thumbs up
cretive layouts&ideas, requires basic skills but nothing imposible, gotta work out the balance betven going as fast as you can, and not killing the car in the proces of doing so :3
you can make it harder then it is, by going too fast Wink
general track patch is same/similiar as the one before, but harder, with more tricky obstacles, kind of similiar to this: (5 mins+)
#5 - P V L
Updated Version
Hello out there. We are now running an updated version on Driver Seat.Thumbs up

You HAVE to start on Trail Easy from now on. ANY lap done will allow

you to join track on Trail Medium then. Any lap done on Trail Medium

will allow you to join track on Trail Hard and having any lap done

there allows to drive on Trail X-Dream. All times were deleted to keep

it fair, you may use up to 3 resets a lap from now on. Using reset for

the 4th time will get you spectated. Hope to see you soon on Trails,

have a nice time, best wishes to all P V L.Big grin
3 resets will speed up the times
#7 - P V L
Not really, time will be added for the use of resets. Big grin

It should add 90, 120 and 150 seconds for 1st, 2nd and 3rd use of reset.Cool

That is more time than a pitstop would take. Thumbs up
Quote from Mate2169 :cretive layouts&ideas, requires basic skills but nothing imposible, gotta work out the balance betven going as fast as you can, and not killing the car in the proces of doing so :3
you can make it harder then it is, by going too fast Wink
general track patch is same/similiar as the one before, but harder, with more tricky obstacles, kind of similiar to this: (5 mins+)

I have to second that, very creative layouts Thumbs up. I've completed the easy trail with XRG and FBM (both using lifted suspension setups), I think it's a good idea to have something that can take some harsh jumps if you are like me (in that I go too fast than I should, even with PVL's advice to take it easy Wink).

Also have to say the track length (time and distance) is more than I was expecting initially, but most fun I've had in a while Big grin.
Fun to drive, even more fun when you start to learn the layouts Smile
Love the concept of having multiple difficulties to kinda the same map, just bit harder but longer Smile
Hope to see more maps like this Wink
Hello, as there have been some changes and times were reset, even I had to do a lap on

Trail Easy again to be allowed to drive on Trail Medium.Nod For all those people out there

that may be a bit confused about where to go, here is a replay of the lap I just did.Cool

Greetings, best wishes to all and have fun. P V L Wave
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Trail Easy.mpr - 684.4 KB - 31 views
Nice trip
Take me to your dealer Dead banana Na-na Rofl
Hello, as it seems 25+ minutes on Trail Easy is to long for some people to have a look at this

for the start, I shortened it to a version of ~ 7 minutes, this way you can try it out offline

to see if you like it at all before going on trails online. Enjoy, greetings P V L. Wave

Three lines of advices to get started online, given here as well. Big grin

pass the blue signs with the white arrows in middle

next turn on air floating signs ( numbers = speed advice)

at Red Wall dead ends rollover Speedbump , reverse then
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WE4x_PVL trail Newbie.lyt - 4.1 KB - 34 views
Wah pretty nice :-)
Hello out there, we are happy and proud to tell you that just some minutes ago our first Insim was

launched. Big grin After some days of great work done by our coder Xspeedasx we can now release the first

more or less basic version. Thumbs up More features will be added in the future. Nod

From now on there will be no reset of progress needed when we update the insim. Rofl

Now all jump into your cars and show us your skills.Have fun , greetings P V L Wave

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Hello, new features added. Join now to not be late. Omg omg omg

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Finally releasing V 1.0 of Driver Seat's Insim
Hello friends of Driver Seat and those who may join us in the future. Big grin We are happy to finally release Insim V 1.0 Thumbs up

When joining any of our servers an information screen will show up, just go through to see whats available.

I uploaded some screenshots to give an impression of how it is looking now, as there are some nice options to look at now. Cool

As you can see there is not only a TOP TIMES ranking for the really fast guys to battle for top positions, where penalties given

by LFS will be added to driven time as well as for used resets ending up in total lap time at the end. The leaderboard even shows

the added time for penalties and resets. But as most of us wont be able to be in the top charts, there is another board showing

up the TOP RANKS Thumbs up Make your way up in top ranks by finishing laps with the different cars on each trail and the RoCo. Nod

Notice you will get the points only once for each combo, i.e. UF1 finishing a lap for the first time on Trail Easy will earn you

1 point for top ranks. If done all possible combinations the maximum of points is 289. Big grin There are many ranks to achieve on

this long way, its a long time motivation for some of you I hope.Thumbs up And to make it a bit more interesting for all to join us the

first time I decided to pay out some real cash. Did I Say That? So, here is what you have to do to get some of the prize money:

The first 3 people to reach 100 points at the TOP RANKS will get paid as following:

1. driver to reach 100 points will get paid 15.- €

2. driver to reach 100 points will get paid 10.- €

3. driver to reach 100 points will get paid 05.- €

I know it wont make you rich but give a little motivation to at least have a visit on our servers and may be you will like it.

Now, all drivers out there who may like this mixture of rallye and parcouring: Jump in your car and give your best, never

forget the most important thing is to have fun and its still a game. Greetings P V L Wave

Not forgetting to say a really big thanks to our coder Xspeedasx, he did an amazing and fast job on this. Nod Nod Nod

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Tutorial video
Here a short tutorial video, self explaining:

Hope to see you soon on the Trails, have fun there. Wave
Here something that may give a different view to the RollerCoaster literally:
Quote from THE WIZARD DK :..... all in all i would rate this whole idea to 9/10. 9 because other servers might have more race related things made. otherwise it would have been a 10/10.....

Well, of course the top target on your first run should be to finish. Nod But after you are familiar with the route on a trail you can for sure

have some kind of a race then. Big grin Just try to get in the top times rankings with some cars. Wink

By the way, here is the total ranks table right now. Keep in mind that the current ranks 1, 2, 6 and 16 are not in the race to 100 points for

some cash as they are staff members of [DS] Driver Seat. So, still nothing is impossible at the moment. Thumbs up

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Performance Delta Module
Hello, beside some other new implementations we can now have a nice on screen module to improve laptimes. Thumbs up

Performance delta module [ shows only if enabled in settings and player has previously completed car/track combo ]

It is free adjustable in size and position on screen, place it wherever you would like to have it. Big grin

To give an example here are my personal settings on the delta module and how it looks then. Cool

It will not only show up gained or lost time compared to previous done lap but even a green or red bar above. Omg omg omg

See you soon on [DS] Driver Seat, go fast but safe. Greetings P V L Wave
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I've tried thought hard. The easy and medium trail feel like rally+Gymkhana plus some jump with speed limit Smile

As hard trail it begin to feel a bit confusing. Some of the marker are missing in some place so I have to stop and look where is the next CP.

And, when complete hard trail you will start to feel bored because you will sudden realized you are just go thought same route and just with more and more barrier to let you finish...

RollerCoaster is fine but not what I expected... I thought it was like GTAV style racing course lol
Update Performance Delta Module
Some nice updates and additional options for the performance delta module released by now:

Updated "symbol" for performance delta gauges. It now gives smoother gauge visual. Some leaderboard data cache updates

now allow for selecting a target time to beat in Performance Delta module. It will be shown instead of "prev" time.

There are these few targeting modes (selectable by clicking button in race gui modules settings):

- My best time - the personal best time in any car in current track

- My best time (current car) - as was before - best time in current track with currently driven car

- Best track time - fastest time in current track in any car

- Best track time (current car) - fastest time in current track with currently driven car

For those who just don't want to be last Smile :

- Worst track time - slowest time in current track in any car

- Worst track time (current car) - slowest time in current track with currently driven car

Thanks again to our coder Xspeedasx for the great work. Greetings P V L. Wave
Go for a bit real cash
There is still a good chance to win some real cash by reaching 100 points for the first three drivers. Smile

Keep in mind that the drivers currently placed at rank 1,2 6 and 9 are out of the race for cash as they are staff members of [DS] Driver Seat.

So, why dont have fun driving something different for a change and get a little cash ? Greetings P V L.Wave

P.S.: Of course we wish you all a happy easter, enjoy life.Nod
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super fun idea! hope to see more of this style!
Winner of 15.-€
The first driver to reach 100 points on [DS] Driver Seat is Shvaya. Thumbs up

Congratulations for that, was a nice job. Big grin
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[DS] Driver Seat
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