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@scavier Is this possible?
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@scavier Is this possible?
Is the following possible to be added into insim output (the race results that you can extract from insim after race ends)? Extracted from conversation on Discord. Pardon 3rd party reference and speech.

Topic is about marco shifting through pedal axis and unregulated button clutch speed.

@number And this is why enforcing autoclutch doesn't do anything. LFS needs to have a value display for axis value/button rate for clutch - displayed in the final result table (the insim thing that marks X if you have Brake Help etc). Then that way all leagues can then regulate a certain value of which limits your pedal input value/speed.

BC isn't faster than clutch IF you use a realistic value. For me, I use 6.05. Which is slightly slower than your feet, but of course more consistent. That neutralises that. But for those who use value 10.0 for BC, then that's an issue. And brings my point back to the start that we need a value demarcation for axis and bc on final table result.
@Fatass ^
button clutch atleast is tied to button control rate in game
@Fatass Exactly. But it also needs regulation to how >much< bcr you can use. But the lack of the value displayed in insim result means no one knows if you're using 1.0 or 10.0

Rendered example above
#3 - Racon
That sounds like a good approach, but it would require the RES packet being expanded I think - there's only two spare bytes in there which is not enough to store the raw value (and they're also not consecutive).

Maybe it could be quantized to something that fits and was granular enough for this purpose, though.
#4 - rik97
From the example it says my axis speed is 450 while tj has 200 and paulo 320. I have no idea how to change this settings and what is better. Is 450 the standard??
What exactly is axis speed?
Axis speed is how fast your pedal reacts i guess. For example, set clutch pedal to have values only from 999 to 1000, instead of -1000 to 1000. In that way, every slight press on clutch pedal will show 100% clutch, while depres will immediately be 0% clutch. Faster than using normal axis.

@scavier Is this possible?
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