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Your first memories from LFS?
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'Twas a sad day when they patched up that fence. Those red/white barriers too, both such crowd-pleasers.

I still dream about creating a follow up video, showing practical application of the jump during a live race. Those were the times!

* * *

Anyway, my first LFS memory comes from a 2007 mention in a local PC magazine. They worded it something like "three crazy dudes making the most accurate racing simulation". People who wrote for the mag at the time were all serious old skoolers rarely resorting to goofiness so when they did you knew it was good sheit. The rest of the article didn't shy away from making sure to let everyone aware it was a game for select few. As MJ would say: that's all I needed.

As my first real online game I reluctantly started with the fastest demo car available at the time (XRT) like probably everyone else did when they first started, only to come to sobering realization those mag people weren't joking around. By using keyboard of course because in case you were not aware I was pretty gangsta in GTA Vice City and San Andreas. To make matters worse I wasn't (and will never be) a fan of racing games so it took a lot of effort to come to grips with even the basic setup options (I basically only knew fuel capacity and brake balance). What made me stuck around was the most far-out community I couldn't even imagine existing, which took me under their wings after accidental meet in their private server a month after starting, and superb LFS chat system to interact with those mtfs. Besides physics I still claim chat is the best part of the game. Oh and around that time I realized XFG was the best car in the Universe and the rest is history.
havent seen nilex online in years
Quote from Nilex :Oh and around that time I realized XFG was the best car in the Universe and the rest is history.

The races we used to have... Some of the best. Good to see your name around here again, Nilex! Thumbs up
My first LFS experience was 0.2 Alpha back in 2002 I think? The same year I got my driving license! I finally got S2 in 2005 and went from there... I haven't played the game much in the last 10 years but more so lately in VR.

I recall getting my first Shifter, then analog clutch; I made an analog handbrake and pretty sure this (and Viper Racing) were the only titles that supported it. Generally this was the title for "cutting edge" functionality. The new tyre physics updates, now more recently VR, keep it relevant.

My kids now have their first memories driving "the Mr Bean car" and learning how to drift... at the age of 9.

Your first memories from LFS?
(104 posts, started )