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You reached a point which is outside the map square system. The rectangle of map squares is set to the size big enough to include all the default ground that is set to have physical properties. Outside that, there are no map squares for your objects to be registered on.

The map squares system is designed to rapidly identify nearby objects to check for physical contacts during each frame's physics calculations.
I have a DD wheel and once you try the FF of this version you don't want to go back to the standard U version but LAZY doesn't work with this test version!!

please Scawen updat LFS with the new FF cmon
Scawen please learn german and read this:

To make LFS smoother.

I bought a FreeSync Monitor and at 100 Hz (dont know if FreeSync works with LFS, but without it will be never smooth, dont know why) also sometimes come the common known stutter-time, maybe because CPU/GPU fell out of sync. My Radeon Vega is fast enough, LFS need only 12% GPU.

And i have to say: The FOV-Setup-Possibility should be completely removed. When using 3 Monitor setup is for every monitor another perspective and projection necessary!!!!! And the completely useless FOV like 30° and 160°......... The 160° cause only a extremely distorted picture. And the 30° are maybe for people which playing with a small TV in 4m distance...... The FOV-Setup should be the same like it is. If a Human are sitting in 60cm distance from the monitor are this ca. 60° FOV. Maybe maximal 75° are a Compromise. Because you need a completely different projection technology for a wider FOV, Thats the reason why the Pimax completely fail, because the projection go to a flat Disc and needed is a spherical projection method for wider FOVs with stereoscopic Glasses. Stereoscopic Glasses with wide FOV fail because the projection method is not spherical.
Quote from :G-sync (Nvidia) and Freesync (AMD) are inventions of American/English companies. Why in the world you think German is the leading language all of a sudden with this technology? Lol.

It doesn't have any relation with a particular game.

Everyone knows German is the most commonly spoken language in international commerce. The compound words allow you to concisely express an idea in only 10-50 characters.
Quote from :German is the leading language

you are right, i was just joking because i dont know a english article and this guy have also many other very good articles. Smile
How to make LFS Smooth like Butter with a Samsung 144 Hz Freesync Monitor?

1. Disable Vsync
2. Maximum Frame Rate = 100
3. Sleep every Frame = Yes (Westhill is also without this Option smooth, but Aston not)
4. Maximum Buffered Frames = 2 (0 and 1 have i not tested)
5. 1920x1080 @144 Hz. (Must be changed via In-Game Setup)

Only when the Monitor at 144 Hz is no tearing effect, maybe this is the magic Freesync frequency......

The Monitor are in all cases except Full Screen TV better at 144 Hz.
The FOV-Setup is not the right way to setup a good in-car-view because of the big distortion. Objects in the middle are then very much smaller than objects at the margin. If you setup a extremely wide FOV and turn around you see what i mean. This effect disturb me also by smaller FOVs. Also at 75° is this effect still present, but because you watch also in a similar angle to the outside objects like they projected to a flat disk are this not so much disturbing and cause no motion sickness. There is a reason why some CS-Pros playing in 4:3 with black bars..... The distortion is the reason.
Maybe a stupid question, but:
When I drive with a Pimax 8K and 20 AIs with this current test version, the frame rate drops from 80 to 40 fps at most times. But it depends on how many cars are around me. Is the GPU or the CPU limited here? I guess it's the GPU (RTX2070) because the 20 AIs have to be calculated at all times, even if I can't see them, right?

By the way: I could fix the problems described above by starting LFS via a user-defined entry under "My Games" in the PiTool control panel.
You're CPU limited. LFS does a lot of CPU-side calculations. It's generally very light on the GPU.
LFS uses only one CPU core.
Yeah but the huge drop here is either graphic or collision calculations but my guess is that there is not much here as long as there is collision.
I have also framedrops with Oculus Quest (Link) when i use more as 6 AI.
Its fall from 72 to 36 Frames.

Oculus has an feature that called ASW (Asynchronous SpaceWarp)

But.... when i use an old Track (Fernbay) i can "easy" use 15-20 AI with stable 72 frames.

I am not sure why this only happens on the newer Tracks. Maybe the AI need more calculation on this Tracks...

Sry, bad English....
The new tracks have far higher model detail, therefore the Quest is struggling to render those tracks. ASW will be kicking in when your frames drop by half anyway, this has nothing to do with LFS inherently.

To be honest, it's a testament to LFS that it runs that well on the Quest at all to be frank.
His PC is just too weak.

The Quest with a Link cable is the same as using a normal Rift/Rift S headset. Lower FPS than the Rift (90) and Rift S (80) and a bit less detailed as it has to compress the video to send it over USB to the headset.
Now i know how to run LFS smooth like butter, but this works only offline and not online. It seems online are very much more GPU Power needed. The AMD Vega can only be used with full power with DirectX 12. Euro Truck Simulator run not 100% smooth because the GPU run only half power with DirectX 11. Creating alot of pseudo-Frames for heating the Graphic Card is not the right way and make it de facto not smoother.
Quote from gu3st :His PC is just too weak.

The Quest with a Link cable is the same as using a normal Rift/Rift S headset. Lower FPS than the Rift (90) and Rift S (80) and a bit less detailed as it has to compress the video to send it over USB to the headset.

The Quest (Link) need a litle bit more CPU & GPU workload then Rift, because of the compress. And it has a very little delay against the Rift. the biggest "problem" is the 72Fps lock Shrug . But it is still immersive and fast.

But 2 days ago I finally made a jump and switched from fx8350 to Ryzen3600 and the FPS problems in LFS are finally history.

Only when I turn up the AC properly ..... it rattles on the other side and the graphics card can't keep up ...

..damned Big grin
months pass and we can't use lazy yet with the latest version of FF Frown
hello, I tested the Test Patch U11 version, but I do not see any differences at the FFB level, how do you feel?

A small wish or suggestion for improvment:
The information for the allowed pit lane speed and the drive direction is only displayed in a short time window. Please display this information for a few seconds longer. The luxury variant would be if that you could determine this value yourself in the settings. :-)
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Quote from F.C.Barcelona :months pass and we can't use lazy yet with the latest version of FF Frown

They do not update for the test patches, the lazy will only be updated for main update releases.
@Scawen Pretty please, could you also add Default spectate view option before the official release? I'm sure that wouldn't take more than 5 minutes to code Smile
Test Patch U12
Changes from 0.6U11 to 0.6U12:

Skin downloads:

Faster skin downloads when joining server (and auto updater)
Slightly faster skin downloads when driver joins race in-game
FIX: Skin downloading could get stuck after a large header


Pit speed limit is shown when car speed is below 2/3 of limit
Command /spectv no - prevent selecting TV camera on spectate
Momentary flick to rear view after SHIFT+R is now avoided
Avoided downshift after pressing SHIFT+X to exit free view
In fact any 'key held' function after SHIFT+key is prevented
Some updated translations - thank you translators!

I'll live life on the edge and test this for tonight's stream. Thanks.
Quote from Scawen :Command /spectv no - prevent selecting TV camera on spectate

Love you!
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