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Licence competition
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Licence competition

Master Race Car organizes a licence competition during the June 2020.
Two Life for Speed licences will be given to lucky winners at June 30th.

How to win:
Drive and score !champ points in [MRc] demo servers during four full weeks of June.
[MRc] Historic GTi
[MRc] Rallyx
[MRc] Beginner BMW
[MRc] Formula BMW
[MRc] Formula BMW-

These servers have weekly !champ table that reset when new week starts.
At the end of each week, eligible drivers in Top10 of !champ table will get tickets for the final lottery.
Position 1 in !champ table gets 10 tickets, position 2 gets 9 tickets and so on.
Servers share the same !champ table, so you can freely switch between GTi, Rally and FBM.
After four weeks all the tickets are put to virtual jar, and two winners are picked randomly.

To be eligible to win:
Join our Discord group and tell your LFS username in #licence-competition channel
Follow good driving etiquette and server !rules.
Have a demo account registered before 1.4.2020.
You can't have licenced accounts.
Multiple drivers sharing one account is forbidden.

Status of the competition will be updated on this thread.
We are happy to answer any questions.
Good luck!
easy dido win
First week of the competition is starting in few hours.

You can still join during the competition, just follow the instructions in the first post.

Remember that the contest is set up so even a moderate amount of driving will grant you a chance to win the licence.

Good races!
First week is completed!

No question about the champion of the week; Coloflow scoring impressive 1711 points and will be granted full 10 tickets.

Emrekaans and stockyn complete the Top3, all of them signed up for the competition.

Two more eligible drivers inside the Top10: masiote. and panikj. In the 11th spot, ilbll was 8 points away from the last ticket.

We enter now the 2nd week, and !champ table has been resetted. Another handfull of tickets ready to shared in weeks time.

Tickets after 1st week:
coloflow 10
emrekaans 9
stockyn 8
masiote. 6
panikj 5

If you are a demo driver and still not in the competition, you can join in at our Discord. Just tell your LFS username in #licence-competition channel.
Second week done, halfway there!

Emrekaans and coloflow continue the strong run, just swapping positions from first week.

Brian makes a strong result and scores his first tickets.

Masiote continues his solid driving and takes another fifth place.

Tickets after 2nd week:
coloflow 19
emrekaans 19
masiote. 12
stockyn 8
luigibrian 8
panikj 5

Keep the driving clean and fast plus don't forget to have fun. To more good races!
Another full week of tight racing completed!

Familiar names in the Top2, pushing each other to greater results. Emrekaan passed coloflow on the last minute and takes the full 10 tickets.

Masiote scores respectfully over thousand points, which will earn him 7 more tickets to his pot.

Sadly, luigibrian will be excluded from the competition due to revenge crashing. As stated in the first post, following good driving etiquette and server !rules is a must.

Tickets after 3rd week:
emrekaans 29
coloflow 28
masiote. 19
stockyn 8
panikj 5

Final week of the competition has started now. We are aiming to draw the winners on 30.6.2020, next Tuesday. The draw will be done transparently and the result will not depend on the organizer. More info on that later.
Before we post this week's points, let's go trough the lottery process. It should be fair and remove any fiddling possibilities.

Example with three competitors:
1st has 20 tickets
2nd has 15 tickets
3rd has 5 tickets

Tickets are numbered, so that 1st person gets numbers 0-19, 2nd driver gets numbers 20-34 and third driver gets numbers 35-39.

On Tuesday 30.6.2020, at 8am UTC we take the newest random numbers from here.

Then we calculate a simple equation: "random number" mod "total number of tickets"
So in this case it would be: 1029 mod 40 = 29

Ticket number 29 belongs to second driver, so he is winner.

Then we take the second random number and calculate again:
8126 mod 40 = 6

Ticket number 6 belongs to first driver, so he is winner.

If the second random random number lands on the same winner, we take next random number until we get two winners.

We will also do final check of all the competitors before the lottery if they have followed the rules.
Final list of eligible winners with their ticket numbers will be announced before the lottery.
Final tickets have been handed out!

Masiote was lucky enough to get a licence elsewhere, so he is cut out from this competition.

Final standings:
emrekaans 39
coloflow 28
pelev007 9
stockyn 8
panikj 5

Tickets for tomorrow's lottery will be numbered as follow:
0-38 emrekaans
39-66 coloflow
67-75 pelev007
76-83 stockyn
84-88 panikj

Good luck! LFSLookingLFS
The wait is over and results are in!

Total number of tickets is 89, so we can calculate the winning ticket numbers as follow:

8738 mod 89 = 16
8588 mod 89 = 44

16 belongs to emrekaans. Gongrats Na-na
44 belongs to coloflow. Gongrats Omg omg omg

Both will get S3 licence. We try to deliver them to the winners tonight.
Winners have managed to unlock their licences.

Licence competition
(10 posts, started )