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Low resolution textures problem / request
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Low resolution textures problem / request
Being on linux I need every FPS I can find
low resolution textures has great effect but I can not make it myself because imagemagick with its command convert in linux makes unusable textures because the game then tears and flickers everywhere even when it makes the fps higher.

I am not picky although I have youtube channel with many lfs videos and have to think about the people too. I would just use any super low texture that makes the game look in normal world colors, even if an incompatible textures would be used. (currently using grey grass npSmile )

I observed that minimum size for transparent textures is 16 px. (after this it works as non trasparent barrier)

On the other hand maybe I am only missing some imagemagic setting to make the textures move fluent in the game ?
(I downloaded textures that does the same thing as my converted textures, maybe somebody used imagemagic to convert image to dds.)

The textures that makes diference are
trees fence bushes vegetation barrier armco wall rail tire wall (there are some tire textures that works as wall) cement concrete sand rally road (maybe there is more)

I am not sure if my image resizer is allright, maybe I need the _AD.jpg's too.

Maybe I only need a dds converter that works for gaming purposes ?

The high res textures here
are more fluent than my own low resolution converted textures.

have a good one
what does your dds converter use as compression settings? in some cases uncompressed lower resolution dds can have a higher filesize than compressed higher resolution counterparts.

if there's no adjustable compression settings try this out:
using BC1/DXT1 compression settings with gimp seems to work ok for me but i can't say if it'd help performance-wise.
Well I dont know which one it uses, but thanks alot, now I can avoid imagemagick open dds in gimp, and save as raw.
I would hope the best way is to let LFS make the DDS textures back. (lfs might use outdated algorithm ?)

update: gimp does not have raw files , but it can edit and save dds, and it works in the game even without dds compression but I dont know which is better for fluency. (a compression or non compression)
I thought lfs converts jpg skins in to dds, but I could not find that function. there was skin in the game but didnt find dds.
It could have converted track texture too ?
Which format and which DDS compression is LFS using by default ?
Or is there a better way than default ?

Low resolution textures problem / request
(4 posts, started )