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New Dimension Racing: Sporting Code
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New Dimension Racing: Sporting Code
You may find the New Dimension Racing Sporting Code on our website.
Sporting Code updated as of this posting. Added some stuff. :-) Give it a good read-over.

NDR Sporting Code document updated on 1 April. The following modifications were made:

- Change title from "Chief Organizer Officer" to "Chief Organizing Officer"
- Add section XII, which covers NDR's regulations on Driving Aids and Game Modifications (hacks)

Sporting Code Updated on 8 April 2009. Changes are as follows:

INSERT Section II.5 - Car Liveries
MODIFY Section II.6.b - Include alternate deadline
MODIFY Section II.6.c - Include alternate starting location
Sporting Code updated on 18 August 2009. Changes are as follows:

UPDATE I.1.a: Changed “...dealt with with non-participant members of NDR” to “...dealt with using non-participant members of NDR”
TITLE CHANGE: “Chief Organizing Officer” changed to “Chief Operations Officer”
ADD “, unless otherwise noted in a series rulebook.” to II.4.b
ADD II.5.e, explaining number placement for open-wheeled, wingless cars.
ADD II.6.d: Defining when an event may be suspended due to lack of cars participating, and rescheduling or cancellation of such an event.
REMOVE positional and significant references from VI.1.a-b, replaced with any measure
REMOVE language regarding Exclusion enforcement at NDR-supported events from XI.1
ADD section XIII: Entry Fees

Supplemental Document I as mentioned in XIII will be posted within 48 hours.
A rather major rehash of the Sporting Code. It's been trimmed a bit, reorganized, and has some hew parts. Link in OP.

You'll find most is the same in a way, just cleaned up. The sporting code has added to it now:
  • Button Clutch is prohibited.
  • Penalty types and descriptions are now in this document, and will be removed from all individual series rulebooks.
  • A minimum speed has been implemented - you must be able to maintain that in race with your damage or you will be meatball flagged
Please feel free to post here with any questions you have. I've unlocked this thread for now to facilitate that.
Sporting Code Amendments Effective 15-November-2010:

CHANGE (in blue) VII.1: 1.The administration reserve the right to issue penalties as deemed fit for violations of rules. Penalties issued in-race must be served prior to completion of the 4th pass of Safety Car Line 1. No penalty may be served under Safety Car Conditions. The time to serve a penalty will be reset if a Safety Car Period intervenes. A driver who fails to serve a penalty within the limit may be escalated to the next penalty level.

ADD: XIV. 4: A car with severe damage, or stopped on course due to lack of fuel, may receive assistance from either a course/rescue car, or a competing car. There is to be no outside assistance rendered at all on the final lap of the race - a car must finish the race under its own ability. A car that receives outside assistance on the final lap and finishes the lap, will not be credited with completion of that lap.
Sporting Code updated 18-Jan-2011, here's the changes:
  • I.1: Make definition software-neutral, allowing document to be effective in any software used.
  • II.2.c.: Removed Ventrilo address, Insert TeamSpeak 3 Address
  • II.8.a.1: Added: "All servers purposed for a league are in “Unofficial Free Practice” at all times when they are not in an Official Free Practice, Qualifying, or Race session."
  • II.8.b.: Edited the 10before/10after to note that that window can affect the specific event. Added: "Any action in a series server may result in penalties for the series at-large or a global NDR penalty."
  • IV.6: Split definiton of White Flag into a) Road Circuits and b) Oval circuits - For slow-moving car on Road, and to signal final lap on oval.
  • IV.8: Added meatball flag definition
  • V.2: Redefined protest window to allow different protest windows for events with qualifying on separate days; allowance added for shorter protest windows.
  • VI.2: Allowace added to change results after certification in extreme cases, such as a discovery of exploit usage, etc.
  • VII.3.a: Added the ability to use either Safety Car Line 2, or another point on track to base times for DT and SG conversions on.
  • X.3: Added instructions for donations.
  • XIII.6: Moved this line regarding bump-drafting to XI.2.c, moving the bump-drafting language to enable each series to define whether or not bump drafting is permitted.
  • XIV.3.a: Add the ability to park a car at any time for inability to maintain a minimum speed.
Sporting Code Update:

Minor changes :P

NDR Sporting Code

Updated TS info in II.2.c.4

Added a section detailing handling of LFS updates
The New Dimension Racing Sporting Code has undergone an overhaul. It now contains many of the common policies and procedures over all NDR leagues, making it longer but the savings should be great in the redundancy that was inherent in the old series rulebooks. As usual, memorization is not required, but a general and working familiarity is strongly encouraged with the majority of elements contained within. Most of what is contained with in should be common sense and/or common courtesy.

Click here to view the February 2012 Sporting Code revision.
A small update to the NDR Sporting Code today:

Changed Grid Penalty and Pitlane Start penalties to follow the team in team-based events, such as GT1 and GT2 World Series. The rule was previously worded to have followed the driver, which is impossible and unfair to enforce as there is no guarantee prior to a race that the penalized driver will race. The penalty conversion in the event of an inability to serve it remains.

ADDED a rule about when a relief driver can join the track in the event of a lost connection. A driver must wait until the driver they are relieving has actually dropped connection before joining the track.
September 2013 Version of the New Dimension Racing Sporting Code is now available. Link in OP. It will become effective at 0:00 UTC on 30 September 2013.


ADD II.2.1.a.: Adds requirement to confirm attendance OR non-attendance for an event; establishes penalty for failing to do so
EDIT II.2.2: Amends rule to deal with entrants who confirm attendance but do not show up to the event; establishes penalty for infracting
EDIT II.3.a: Changed wording to include selection to abandon, and relax wording to not specifically delcare that the decision must be taken prior to qualification start.
REMOVE II.3.b: "The decision to abandon may be made after an attempt to reschedule has failed, if cars remaining in an event drops to below 15% of available grid size." - Rendered redundant.
EDIT II.5.1: Establishes a minimum of Stop-Go Penalty for failure to comply with administrative order to change driving view.
EDIT II.8: Change section to encompass software-specific allowances as well as software versions. Added iRacing, rFactor, and rFactor 2
ADD IV.2.4: Adds Statute of Limitations to protest processing and submission.
EDIT VII: Cleaned up definitions, separated race classification from other session types.
EDIT VIII.7: Removed specific message, changed to a generic safety car returning to pitlane notice
EDIT VIII.7.3: Changed from "The green flag does not fly" to "The green flag signal is not given"
EDIT IX.1: Changed "unsafe" to "unsuitable"
EDIT XIII.2.f: A driver now has a maximum of two laps to respond to a meatball flag.
EDIT XIV.2.2: Reworded to state that the penalty must be appropriate to the advantage gained.
EDIT XIV.4.5: Changed minimum penalty for wrong way in pitlane to a Stop-Go Penalty, previously 1-lap hold minimum.
ADD XVII.4.5: Procedure for use in the event that car resetting is left on or enabled by accident.
ADD XX: Teams and Team Management. This action pushes the Document Scope, Versioning, and Update Frequency to XXI from XX.

Various typographical error corrections.
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Added current version of NDR Sporting Code to OP as an attachment.
NDR Sporting Code Updated, updates will take effect at midnight on 28 January 2014.

ADDED II.2.3 "Any entrant may be dropped from the series for any reason at any time with or without warning by race administration."
ADDED II.8.c. "Low wind shall be used on all sessions, excepting qualification sessions where it is impossible to offer the entire field the same conditions over the qualification (eg. Session would be restarted)" THIS RULE WILL NOT BE ENFORCED FOR GT WORLD SERIES 2014 ROUND 5
EDITED V.3.1: Replaced "within 3 laps of issuance. The lap will be considered complete each time the driver crosses the first Safety Car line." with "prior to the 4th pass of the First Safety Car Line (Three Laps)."
ADDED X.6: Deals with tracker and wave-arounds for server failure circumstances
ADDED XV.5: Deals with inter-class overtaking and behaviour

Uploaded to Scribd, also copy placed in OP as attachment
NDR Sporting Code updated with a few items:

A Yellow Flag is now written to either be issued by the software OR inferred by the ahead situation, and both shall be treated equally.

Added regulations for pitlane behaviour under Safety Car.

When entering the pitlane when already contained in the Safety Car queue, a driver must:

- Stay single-file.
- NOT exceed SC pace
- NOT overtake other cars entering the pitlane

There should be no circumstance in which these should be violated.
NDR Sporting Code Updated, takes effect at 00:00 UTC 16 May.

The sections have been re-arranged.

Added Virtual Safety Car Procedure.

Added "Drivers should use either automatic clutch or manual/axis clutch. Drivers who wish to use button clutch must seek approval prior to use." to Software Specific -> Live for Speed section.

General language cleanup, otherwise most all is the same.

Available on the NDR Website:

New Dimension Racing: Sporting Code
(17 posts, started )