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How to retrieve LFS World stats?
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Quote from dawesdust_12 :\u*** format is the standard (and correct AFAIK) way to encode Unicode characters in JSON and Javascript.

Ok, but those strings we get are not unicode. They have still same byte-to-byte values as encoded inside LFS, but those bytes get represented with unicode escapes.
can you guys help me cant understand this
yes we can
?action=WR has something to improve.

The use of numbers instead of track names seams unreasoned. What will happen when we get 11 tracks in the game?

With commonly used BL1[R] system this problem goes away (atleast we can have 4294967296 tracks instead of just 10 Smile ). The drawback is that it will make the response 619 bytes bigger (but with time, as new tracks get released, the letter-system will actually become smaller, if you have to add another digit for other tracks for the old system).

But the most important gain is that clients wouldn't have to dive into their applications' implementations whenever there is new track out there. This is pretty big.
Quote from vitaly_m :What will happen when we get 11 tracks in the game?

Ehhh this just happened and it got an extra number? 700=RO1 and 7100=RO11?
Quote from :Ehhh this just happened and it got an extra number? 700=RO1 and 7100=RO11?

Yes, the current format scales even worse than I thought!
I have a small Question.
How i can Display the Online Status and the Current/Max Users of a Server?

With<myIDkey>&action=host&hostname=^0p^7Rac^1i^7ng ^0S3 i get "no output"
Oh ok but now my Browser want to Download the get_stat2.php

The Problem is solved. Now all works!
Hm yeah I guess you should be able to get your own stats, even if you've chosen to hide them from others.

Give it another go please. Should be fixed.
Thanks, works! Smile
guys, i need serious help not for free
i need to include this stats, and put it to standings table on wordpress site. If anyone can help me - please contact me Smile
ad2. depends on looking side but yeah, is terrible is some cases.

ad1. if you're good, can u help manage some work on site ?
PubStats hosts not working in mates@track NG
Hi there!

I got a strange behavior when using my tool mates@track NG. Someone told me that the server list can not be loaded. I tried it manually by using the browser which worked fine. But inside the tool it isn't working anymore. It seems that it stops working after the hacking attack (around end of March 2018 and beginning of April 2018). Are there some significant changes?

I tried v 1.3 and 1.5. The tool wasn't change at all. It just stopped working when trying to receive the hosts list.

What are the codes for RO tracks?
Are those right (copy & paste from config file)
Name=ISSC rev.
Name=National rev.
Name=Oval rev.
Name=ISSC Long
Name=ISSC Long rev.
Name=Lake rev.
Name=Handling rev.
Name=International rev.
Name=Historic rev.
Name=Historic Short
Name=Historic Short rev.
Name=International Long
Name=International Long rev.
Name=Sportscar rev.

S3 dont have reverse
Oh...I see. With S3 I suppose you mean Rockingham. But the numbering is correct?

And what about the data structure of the result of the host query (default format)
Everything was working with 1.3 and 1.5 before the hacking problem. Has something changed?
I Believe numbering is correct at least the normal tracks (not reversed).

For airio has changed nothing all still working.
It seems like after the master server's outage from yesterday, the API only returns the text "no output" Schwitz

Edit: Only seems to be the case querying for "hosts", others work.
Fixed. Thanks for the report.
Looks like the same error from last week is repeating. Started around 5am.
Something seems broken again Schwitz

The "no output" error, as in post #445, started again last night and is currently ongoing.

Thanks in advance
I don't wanna be a pain but it's broken again Schwitz
Right, so I finally figured out what's the cause and that means I was able to fix this now. Or should be at least (bit hard to fully test this one).

How to retrieve LFS World stats?
(451 posts, started )