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Hello. I came to declare that the owner of the website , is a scammer.
After filling up a form and all personal details like home address the website charged me around 6$ of that time for a S1 license and NEVER returned my money. I called him, texted him, nothing.
Today that I'm reporting this imposter I found out that his website is taken down.
did you manage to report him on telegram beforehand, they could at least have their I.P logged in the event of making a formal charge for fraud/theft by deception ect
Who is "they"?

Quote :8.3. Law Enforcement Authorities
If Telegram receives a court order that confirms you're a terror suspect, we may disclose your IP address and phone number to the relevant authorities. So far, this has never happened. When it does, we will include it in a semiannual transparency report published at:

Telegram tries to be as anonymous as possible, thats why its banned / try to ban it here in Russia. Without much success though Smile
Quote from bishtop :https://superfamilyprotector.c ... tracking-location-people/ Smile

not everything written on the internet is true (anymore), this leak only existed for a short period last year
Quote from repeat83 :r u from Russia?

no I am in Russia (until X-mas), not from. Having quite some experience now after almost a full year and its kind of silly that some parts are blocked from access like but if you use a VPN everything is fine. Interesting to experience censorship and people who working its way around it (I mean the people who program the Telegram app and make it continue to let it work on all networks around the world).

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Today that I'm reporting this imposter I found out that his website is taken down.

thats well done.. you can give Reza a call maybe to ask your money back? Wink

It appears to me from caches that its probably a pirated environment of LFS but my Arabic is not very good.
while they give the choice of location based chats and add people nearby ect, there either will be already or will end up being some way found to exploit it

EDIT: He either used to run some type of league on LFS going back to 2013 or is someone that put a lot of effort into his con

The following are real racer names that were active back in 2013 and not played since 2016-17, and the attached image was posted back in 2013(apparently)

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Final result :
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Quote from repeat83 :r u from Russia?

Thats a surprise thread on illegal activity and your wide awake.Omg omg omg

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