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Bare minimum to run LFS? (Integrated graphics)
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Bare minimum to run LFS? (Integrated graphics)
Hello guys.

I've recently settled into my dorm to start university. I've been playing LFS for a long time, and I couldn't bring a computer with me. Recently, I've been wanting to play LFS, but I don't have a lot of money in my hands. I've been eyeing a few laptops, some with Pentiums, some with Core 2 Duos, some with Turions, all with integrated graphics and 2-4GBs of RAM. I want to know if I can run LFS on these ~10 year old laptops. Do you guys reckon I can get 30fps with a full server?

(I don't care about settings, I just want to get 30fps, even if it's 800x600 with the lowest graphics)
Minimum computer requirements
2 GHz CPU, 256 MB memory, DirectX 9 capable 3D graphics card.

It must be enough to run in with at least 30fps. I don't know about the full server though.
Well I've looked at the requirements before, the fact that I'll be using integrated graphics is what throws me off though.
I don't think they make a computer these days that won't make the minimum requirements. You should be safe with pretty much anything you buy.
Well my laptop has got an amd e2-7110 running at 1.8ghz, 4gbs of ram at 800mhz and integrated radeon r2 graphics with 512mb of dedicated ram. Of course it doesn't go 60 fps smooth all time but it runs. It struggles the most with updated maps like westhill and black wood but i still manage to race after the first fps drops
My old-ish laptop that I ran LFS with before my desktop was a Lenovo G500s with Intel Pentinum and 2gb ddr3 RAM, quite low sec graphic card and fully stock.

It handled LFS alright with at (if I recall) 70fps max 30fps avg with graphics turned down besides shadows. These laptops can run LFS decently already as they are, but may lag a bit more at detailed tracks like Westhill or Blackwood.

On the other hand, I also had a spare laptop to the Lenovo that was even older, a HP Probook or Elitebook (can't remember) with a very basic Intel duo Core, 2gb RAM and shitty AMD graphics. That one barely got 30fps, hovering at 18fps most of the time with all graphics down including no shadows.
I got budget laptop with celeron N4000 (1.10ghz, dual core), 4GB DDR4 & Intel HD605 or something like that & it runs pretty well
CPU is the limiting factor, I do not believe a celeron N4000 can run pretty well because it only has a 1064 passmark on a single thread.

it must be overloaded almost all the time which is pretty bad. Anything below 1500 passmark (single threaded performance!) cannot handle LFS properly. Maybe with low resolutions it can be 'rescued' a little, going below 1600x900 or something but why would you all want to go into that kind of trouble. i7/5/3 second generation at minimum I would say. Quite cheap nowadays, although I know there are places ( for example, lol) where people sell 10y old stuff as like it is gold.
My old intel core 2 quad q6600 had a score of just over 900 for the single thread score. It easily ran LFS very easily. I know my CPU was a quad core but LFS does not take advantage of the extra cores

I played a lot of battlefield 4 using that processor(even though it probably was made to take advantage of more than one core) and bf4 is known for not being very optimized and it ran it at a decent FPS
Ye Blackwood previous version with fony mirrors was quite OK on older systems but things have moved on... (A little).
Quote from :Ye Blackwood previous version with fony mirrors was quite OK on older systems but things have moved on... (A little).

Very true Smile

Generally this is all that's needed......

Higher spec's do apply to VR.

Damn i think il upgrade to that one as mine is getting a little slow now

I've played it on a Core 2 Duo laptop at 1.83ghz, integrated graphics, 25-35 fps with a full server at ~800p.
I recently posted that the i3 Intel HD graphics on my Tiny Lenovo PC would not run it very good, however I tried it recently, a few patch versions behind current version out. And it runs at a consistent 60FPS at 1080 with 10 AI cars, if you turn everything graphical down/off.
The bare minimum would be my own spec...
Intel T5500 1.66GHz w/ GMA 950.
Doesn't like Blackwood but it's still playable at minimum
30 fps on 800x600, damn your standards are low
An Intel Core I3 3000 or 4000 series with integrated intel HD GPU will be mostly fine for 30 fps if we consider the requirements for recent updated tracks.

But when the major graphics update will drop..., you should just give up on playing recent 3D games with your current budget.
I used to play LFS on populated servers with a Dell 1525 (Intel T7250 2.00GHz w/ GMA 965) above 30fps at 1440x900...

Keep in mind that this laptop is from 12~13 years ago

Don't know how well it would run new blackwood and westhill, but you definitely don't need anything expensive to play LFS

I would say that any integrated GPU from intels 3rd gen (2012) or above should be able to run above 60fps
Quote from Specht77 :Don't know how well it would run new blackwood and westhill

It doesn't run at all. Slideshow.

Bare minimum to run LFS? (Integrated graphics)
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