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SRT is very likely ceasing organizing races
Hi guys and girls, Tankslacno here.

You might've been noticing that I've been missing from LFS and SRT for about 2 months. And that is because ultimately I've decided that I want to leave SRT-team and quit organizing these races. I left SRT yesterday.

Obviously this is not an easy decision for me, SRT has been part of my life for over 5 and ½ years, so just saying good bye after all of this ain't easy. There are a lot of reasons why I want to leave SRT, but it eventually just boils down to the reason of not having nearly that same amount of passion and motivation to organize these races I used to have few years ago.

I know that for some of you it may not be easy to understand, but for like a past year this Tournament Directing in SRT has been something I've been needing to do just because I have to do this. Not because I like this. So for past year organizing these races has just been something I don't want do anymore. I have had a feeling that if I would keep doing this, it would eventually affect negatively to my life and I certainly don't want that. I'm sure that quitting this is a big relief and absolutely right decision for me. My health is definitely more important than doing this.

For past year I had a plan that I want to quit organizing these races in SRT when year 2021 ends. Why? Because I calculated that I would've broken both these milestones:
- Organize over 1000 races
- Organize over 100 series

(For those who don't know, SRT started to organize races in April 27, 2014, it just expanded to here in 2017)

But that fire-incident which happened in May 2019 changed my plans. It was pretty much last straw for me, because that destroyed our servers and efficiently put this on hiatus. Server was supposed to open this month but it didn't. Very last nail in the coffin for me was the fact that opening that server from it's provider would've cost a lot more than it did this year/originally would have.

This means that unless someone else wants to continue organizing these races, SRT will cease organizing races from LFS.

But don't get me wrong, I have nothing against SRT and LFS. SRT has great members both as persons and drivers. And I'm not quitting LFS, as I'm still working at least as a translator for this game and testing those new patches. I just want to quit Tournament Directing via SRT.

In future, I may host Nick Arcade/Thrown Controllers-style game show for LFS(-drivers). That would be possible as I'm currently working as a freelance-Game Show Designer/Host. That job is kinda like successor for this. We'll see how that goes.

To everybody in SRT, to all racers and to anyone who even visited our server just for one second, thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart! I love you guys and girls so much!

Take care of yourselves!

Thank you SRT, thank you Tankslacno!
This is not a good read for me, I was myself wondering too where did SRT events go... Sad. Will miss the challenging race days!

Reliving the good moments for me... Frown

This Is Sad Frown

SRT is very likely ceasing organizing races
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