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What about adding a new filter to the multiplayer server list to order the active racers based on their lap times on lfs world?

that way it would possibly be easier to find some persons who are around the same skill level as yourself?

racing against far superior or inferior oponents can get boring or frustrating quickly, so to meet racers at your personal level could make for more close and interesting racing.

all the other server filters are good as they are so everybody can find servers as to their preferences, but some sort of skill matching could be helpful also for all the casual racers that have no time to practice for world records but just want to find some quick fun race action.

racing against far superior racers is also good to learn something about technique and race lines, but in my opinion the real fun is in close combat racing against people that are on the same level as yourself.

peace, mo
Quote from Rejekt :Maybe some in-game short list (on the front page) of upcoming league races within a couple of days would help? I bet most players don't visit the forums or some external LFS sites that often, and beginners probably don't even know where to look at. The basic information for each entry could be automatically created from racing calendar/league list?

Something like:

Upcoming league races:
18.6 [local time] RTFR FZR@RO10 S3 [link to server][link to forum/racing calendar]
20.6 [local time] FM GTI XRG@AS4 S2 -""-

This would make the game feel more alive and "serious" and would create an additional incentive for organizers to list their events.

Thumbs up why this has not been suggested before?
Quote from David 96 :Basically this, that's the main reason I don't race online. There are no users matching my skill level, so considering there's only high skilled drivers online, that would mean like doing a time attack, because i get gappped quickly. And the SP with the AI is really bad as well

The problem with this mentality is we all have started racing being slower than others but you use that to give you the motivation to improve. Both with online racing and event races that we provide i see a wide variety of skilled drivers. I know that it feels demotivating when it seems everyone else is faster but take the positive from it, if you complete races then thats a win regardless of position as the more skilled do not always get to finish
Quote from lucaf :Thumbs up why this has not been suggested before?

Good suggestion, but it need permanent moderation as it can be abused.

Hopefully we'll get some sort of matchmaking/ranking system somewhere in the future.
Quote from Scawen :[b]I don't know if this will work out or is easy to do, but if someone could make a forum thread which lists the currently active events and popular servers and times when it is likely to find a race on those events / servers, I could do a tweet to point people to that thread. It might get a few people in, from the nearly 1500 followers.

A forum thread to list all the race events would be a step backwards.
Before the leagues section there existed such thread(s) and it was always a mess:
The problem was that only the creator of the thread could update the list. And so the list was always outdated.

Now with the league section at, each organizer can keep his entries updated.
However, from time to time the leagues section MUST be *moderated* and cleaned because sometimes people enter nonsense.
(races that never happen or just server advertisement. some people also seem to confuse it with a "teams" list)
If there are too many nonsense entries in the list then it makes the section unattractive to use because one has to filter through the spam..

Quote :Lfs for me has only one problem. And that is getting new guys in, and getting them to respectable level. Because nowadays, on competitive races, if you are too slow you dont even qualify for a race. Skill level is quite high overall.

At Absolute Beginners league it is easy to get started with racing.
Tuesday funrace too: (but sometimes has bit trickier combos)

Quote :if you are too slow you dont even qualify for a race

That is not true. Usually the requirements for being allowed to race to not include a minimum speed.
True, there are races with laptime limits but those are not so common. Usually it is enough to show that you can control the car and be friendly around others.
Quote from Scawen :OK, I've tweeted it.

The only thing is, 'leagues' seems to me to sound like something you have to sign up to and commit to a series of races.

But, going by the names only, the page does seem to list events that aren't really leagues as such. Maybe it needs a bit more information so users can see if it's an event you need to sign up to, or a series of races, or a server you can join freely.

The sign up information (wich type of signup or signup at all) is one parameter in a "Season". What if we had an "Ongoing Seasons" page? It would list all ongoing seasons of any league. In the columns you could find more info like "league", "sign up type" and maybe even the Season's description.
Does that not exist already?
Ongoing seasons are listed at landing page of

If there is a date for "Next Race" then it is an active/ongoing season. If next date is displayed as "unknown" then that season has ended. (or not yet started)
Ok my bad, so the "sign up" button/link/whatever could show up in that specific list after the "next race" column.

Edit: very happy to see everyone putting their events in race calendar.
Victor has added some auto cleaning on the leagues page.

I've tweeted about the calendar page.

I hope hosters and racers can try to make use of these pages a bit more. I know LFS isn't going to suddenly take off right now but we do hear a bit too often about people want to race but can't find what they are looking for. These pages show quite a lot going on.
When I press refresh button the time of events gets changed from my local time to I guess UTC. Also some events disappear. Will there be a way to see all events like before with no filters?
Ii like this new page. Will enter fox friday info later today.

Discussion about the leagues section
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