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text bug [FIXED]
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text bug [FIXED]
some charters looks difrent to someone

i talked with someone who know something about insim in lfs. the insim can not read the charter

but why in Lucaf's lfs my name look difrent ?
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another example thank to driftingdion for giving me fotage from win 10

hapened on my 2nd pc with win 10 too
on win 8.1 isn't glitchy and names are same both photos taked in same time

name of file in lfs/data/misc ^6GTi^S^1¨K^7M^E×tµ.ply
i achived this arrow by randomly editing name of the file Smile

This error is still there, and kinda annoying. It has been reported years ago, but the posts seems to be gone.
However, one some charsets (I tested with Korean), the glyphs seem to bleed into the next glyph.

The letter 쬊 is bleeding into the letter ─

You can also see, how the "bled" data from the Hangul character keeps repeating throughout the entire following range of geometric glyphs.

Closeup with marked "bled" data:
Bump 2018. This bug is still annoying on a daily basis.
#5 - Racon
Nice, looking forward for the next update.
This is fixed in 0.6U
Thanks! Thumbs up

text bug [FIXED]
(8 posts, started )