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carl slow
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carl slow
hi everyone a question?
because in multiplayer mode, I with my car I can not reach any of the participant but the cars are very fast, while I can see that my slow! because in any race go to the servers the cars of others are fast while mine are slower. they have special changes ... I do not understand why
thanks for the greetings answers
#2 - lucaf
Can you post a replay? You can save multiplayer replay pressing "2" then you will find the replay file in c:\lfs\data\mpr

My guess is you are running default setup while your opponents have custom setups so they are cornering less slow than you.

Edit: what I watched your online laptimes in lfsworld, you have very slow laptimes. It takes time to learn this simulator, you can't be fast in one day. Many of us have played this for years. Be patient.

And find a race setup here: You need to save the setup file in c:\lfs\data\setups
I do not think it's a question of not being able to play, it's just a matter of starting in any race cars whizzing away, and I can not even get them I downloaded various setups of other players to see if this is the reason, but do not work.
years ago I downloaded lfs in 2013 and I played the demo version and played in multiplayers and I do not remember these problems.
you see net difference in power and final speed regardless of my skills that are not bad.
I do not know if I explained myself better now.
then I downloaded the setups of the drift my car does not bournout with any download setups dedicated by drift and at the start are very slow the steering wheel that I own is a driving force gt.
I do not understand anything ..... I'm sorry that I took the license s2 sincerely.
#4 - o000o
Do you have the pedals showing? maybe you are not getting full throttle.


Quote :Show pedals: [Yes / No]
Enables or disables the displaying of the virtual 'pedals' in the lower right corner. These can be useful for wheels with calibration problems, so you can see if depressing your pedal fully is also recognized as 100% in-game. A little white bar at the top of the pedal bar signalizes 100% controller input. The colours for the bars are: Green = throttle, Red = brakes, Blue = clutch, Gray = handbrake.

Excuse me if I speak to him in Italian, but perhaps it can help sort things out.

Ciao, riesci a postare un replay preso dal multigiocatore? Hai provato a vedere magari se nei controlli l'acceleratore viene premuto fino in fondo o robe del genere?
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#6 - Racon
Quote from o000o :Do you have the pedals showing? maybe you are not getting full throttle.

Many a time I have spent ages tweaking my top gear trying to match others' top speeds, only to find that my pedal was impeded a tiny bit and I was at 99% throttle, not 100%. I leave the pedal display on permanently now for quick checks Smile

Ciccio: When the pedal is at full, there is a white bar across the top of the pedal display so that you know it's definitely pressed as far as it can go.
thanks to all for the answers yes I have the pedals but I do not see the accelerator line! in a few hours I'm going to see! in which area should I set the pedals in control options?

carl slow
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