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Fix for users of OpenVR - specially Samsung Odyssey+
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Fix for users of OpenVR - specially Samsung Odyssey+
Here is a new version of LFSOpenVR.dll

This version provides a fix for a bug in an OpenVR function. The bug could produce distorted views in headsets in which the lenses are offset up or down from the centre of the screens. When using a Samsung Odyssey+ headset the right eye view appeared higher than the left eye view, causing discomfort. The same problem (but less noticeable) may be there with Vive headsets too.

This version has been built using the latest OpenVR release 1.2.10

For more information you can read the bug report thread:

EDIT: There is now a later version of this fix in Test Patch 0.6T2
great for VR users Thumbs up
super-reactive and efficient for those bug-fixes as always Big grin
Scawen the dynamic lighting thread got locked, and you don't take PMs, so I'll suggest here: has been working with a small team to make a game which has some of the best atmospheric rendering techniques. He periodically retweets papers and tweets on the subject.

I dunno if you would gain something from those different more high-end implementations, but maybe something applicable could come from sifting thru that collection. IIRC many of them are first principles analyses not yet actually translated to code.

You may have to go back a ways in his tweet history, as they're now pretty far along in the game's pipeline.

Fix for users of OpenVR - specially Samsung Odyssey+
(3 posts, started )