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Ok heres my verdict,

I have been on this server since I was a demo racer and I have seen many and I mean many people being kicked and banned for either a reason or just maybe they might be annoying a sertain person and now to see AA become a horrid place to be I really dont like that kind of behavior the server and LFS was for fun but many of you now take that abit 2 far in that seriously and by taking it that far you get many people kicking people and banning people but my advice is that to get everyone togeather and kick their ****'s and re-orintate them to the written rules here I really dont want this server to turn out like all the others.
You might have a point there (I wouldn't know since I'm not a regular visitor of the servers) but if you do it is lost between that wall of words that isn't separated by any points or commas.
I think the FBM server is doing pretty good. A month or two ago I removed many limads, because there was such a high number of forced actions: kicks/bans and race restarts. As the situation stands now I think it is still one of the most popular FBM demo servers around, so probably the racing there isn't as horrid as Stig suggests...

But it is true beginners could have a hard time there, and if they're constantly causing troubles they are usually kicked or even banned for a short time. That is a necessary measure - though we'd like to support newbies, sometimes inability to control the car cannot be tolerated, because it spoils racing for so many other people.

Stig, when you're able to get into the Airio stats (which requires lap time of 1:16.50 or something like that, still 3 seconds below your best), try racing there again. Currently you are unable to control the car (I watched you for a while, you crash on average twice in every lap) and any talk about horrid racing there is meaningless. Also general talk about demo people unable to race reasonably sounds rather funny...

Sorry for being maybe a bit harsh, but I have big troubles accepting a "verdict" from a person with such poor stats. Of course lap time isn't everything, but there are limits to what lap time allows for some possibility of actual racing, and 1:20 isn't such time...
Hi EQ...really great to see you are still around.

Just want to give my vote of confidence in you... as you know I've been away from LFS for a long time (actually I stopped playing when you had to drop the FBM AA racing series commitment).. but you were rightly very careful about selecting me as a LIMAD and I remember what a difficult JOB it was/is.

I carried the AA ethos of not discouraging new drivers, actively asking people not to use terms like 'noob' or to drop votes but at times when there were no regulars around it could become an overwhelming task and the thread you have here will help the remaining LIMADs be consistent which is great.

Other racers don't realise that a LIMAD wants to race too, but a good LIMAD puts that aside to spectate, go and watch a replay on an incident before warning the driver or taking action... one thing I've learned is that the majority incidents are not as clear cut as they seem to the person that raises the initial complaint (obvious crashers aside).

I haven't been back into AA servers yet, but am looking forward to it.. keep up the good work.
Uh I saw some [AA] member banning someone with reason:
-I just went with majority.

What the heck? It was 2/7 when he banned a guy out and I checked replay, the guy did nothing wrong. Can't remember who was the banner's behavior have been really annoying in my opinion for a while.
I think you need to look over the Admins at FBM Server EQ. Lots of "complain" from there.
True, but in FBM contacts cost a lot more and are a lot more annoying so there are a lot more complaints to go wrong.
If you are playing a racing game and are afraid of contact -> Play FIFA.
i agree, i race karts over here inb australia and i look at the game like a kart race, you make some big moves bit of contact here and there is nothing, yes people driving the wrong way, and people sitting on race line is annoying, but contact here and there is part of every motorsport.
Hey Nick! Nice to hear from you. I think you're correct in every respect. In many situations it is hard/impossible to point a finger, only replay often shows that the one who crashed you heavily from behind is no crasher, that he was pushed forward by a small contact with someone behind him. Obvious crashers have a hard time on AA, usually they can enjoy just a few minutes. But not every crash is caused on purpose or by very bad driving style. Still many people want to ban almost everyone else, often taking best lap time as the only measure. It is very very stupid of such "professional" drivers, because if their wishes are granted almost no one would remain to race with and of course they'll leave the empty server, going somewhere else, wanting again to ban everyone over 1:14, and so on... Their cries quite often spoil racing atmosphere and that in turn makes them primary candidates for admin ban.

AA is going through a change. We're trying to create a real team of people that know each other and that are suitable for the sometimes unrewarding work. We've got a new great forum (check out, it will for now just redirect you to R2R site) and everyone interested is staying with AA should register there. Unregistered limads will mostly be considered as uninterested and their rights removed. I'll move the limad rules there in a attempt to get things under control. Nick, take a look, there's some serious S2 and Demo project starting, it would be great to see you online again.

Fatal, indeed voting with the majority of 2 is not, to put it mildly, the best approach. Voting is good to bring your attention to a possible troublemaker, but note that it could be both the one voted against and also the one starting the vote, especially if it happens too often and against various people.

Contacts are really annoying in LFS, especially using FBM they often lead to quite unrealistic behavior. If the cars behaved reasonably, it would be no problem, but the collision system in LFS is outright bad - e.g. wheels carry the whole momentum of the car and a touch with one wheel sometimes catapults you forward, taking over the whole other car momentum. One car almost stops, other flies away. Unfortunately instead of solving this very serious problem LFS developers got lost in improvements of tyre physics with negligible impact on racing quality.

i think your right, if the cars clipping wheels didnt slingshot one car 1km down the track while the other spears into the wall i think we'd be heading in the right direction, also if clipping wheels could result in loss of wheels or suspension damage contact might be restricted to hardly any. Everyone has a right to race in the server, maybe if people want to be like that maybe they need like a one off race meet that we have qualifier rounds for, even slow people could make it in if there conistent and stay out of trouble etc. im just throwing in my 2 cents worth =)
It's very confusing when as a newbie you go to a server and keep getting messages to type !help !opt or !ex . . . etc, etc, only to be told you don't have admin rights.
I assume that these instructions only apply to admin users - so why are they displayed to general users?
All I'm trying to do is find out how to enjoy LFS more (for instance what on earth does 'Poisonous Air' mean???)
Of course !help, !opt, !ex works for everyone. Note that the commands start with ! (exclamation mark) and not / (slash). The system you see on AA is trying to achieve exactly what you're probably looking for. It may seem complicated at first, but the essentials are quite understandable. 'Poisonous Air' is a custom safety rating level we're using - air qualities (hazardous, clean) describe the ability to drive safely, military air ranks show how many points you accumulated and precious metals describe lap times, speed. Type !rks, !lcs, or !rts to see all available descriptions. Note the ! at the command start...
All the ! messages are for everyone. While the / (Slash) are admins only. Use !help to see all the commands that you need.
Hi, thanks for the advice. Turns out I was being dumb because I was pressing / instead of T (I did read the manual - honestly - I just forgot it :doh
Limad rights,.
Where to Apply for admin rights,. many of the AA limads asking me why I haven't applied after all these years, I joined 2010.
My Handle is mainly RoadDod US.
Thank You, Bye Smile

Happy racing on a server that you help to manage. Thanks for your good work! Smile[/quote]
Quote from loeman67 :Where to Apply for admin rights,. many of the AA limads asking me why I haven't applied after all these years, I joined 2010.
My Handle is mainly RoadDod US.
Thank You, Bye Smile

Happy racing on a server that you help to manage. Thanks for your good work! Smile


Hey, apologies for the delayed reply.
Feel free to apply to join us over here! We have branched out to forn a Junior team (Air Support) which we are working on to improve positions within the team. Opportunities to promote to AirAttack await you!

AA Members/Limads Rules
(42 posts, started )