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Incompatible test with many InSim updates
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Quote from vitaly_m :But you can not connect to S3_host having only S2_license. And you can not change s1/s2/s3 host_mode while host is running (that would be actually pretty cool, but maybe too much effort).

S1 mode won't let server admin to use S2+ content. Same for S2 mode.
S2/S3 won't block S1/S2 users while using S1/S2 content only.

As Cargame says, many people misunderstand this setting.
With the IS_UCO package, I would like to ask you to enter insim.Send("/msg ^1 in the car park"); when you pass through the InSim checkpoint.
You realised you bumped this topic?

And you cannot use Insim checkpoints or any other autocross objects as a Demo licensed player
my account is demo but my friend's S2 server got there to be done.
What is your friends username and what is the servername. I'm very interested what you guys are trying to create. Smile
friends username : alpozdemir6560

Incompatible test with many InSim updates
(207 posts, started )