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Hotlap upload log archives
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Hotlap upload log archives
Probably a question to Victor, rather than to the community in general.

Is the hotlap upload log (the list that pops up once you open 'Hotlaps' window @ LFSWorld) archived somewhere? At the moment all you can see are the last 150 entries, while I'm looking for info about hotlaps removed/overwritten because of track changes/HLVC improvements/ABS introduction.

Thanks for any help
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You can get the hotlap log entries via the pub stat api.

For this to work you'll need to generate an ident key at lfsworld:

With that key you can make an api call like this:{identKey}&action=hl_log&s=1&lines=150

The maximum number of results it returns are 150. But you can do paging by setting a start time in the query, like so:{identKey}&action=hl_log&s=1&lines=150&starttime=1543875060

Then just take the last timestamp of each result set and make another call with that timestamp set as starttime to go to the next page.

For more information on pubstat, see:

Hope that helps.
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Quote from Victor :You can get the hotlap log entries via the pub stat api.

Got a question. A long way back I had made a couple of hotlaps, which I removed later on - they show in log fine.

But it appears that the hotlaps removed from the system because of improvements in HLVC had their log entries removed with them. Not sure if it applies to all waves of cleanups, but certainly to the last one before patch 6M, and to the one eliminating wallriding as well.

Is there any other way of getting log info about those?
Hmm no I'm afraid the above is the only hotlap log information we have.
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Hotlap upload log archives
(8 posts, started )