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24Hours Cicle
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Poll : What is your opinion?

I`d like to see it too!
Hell no!
Not really..
24Hours Cicle
I`d like to see 24Hours cicle in the new update. Also imagine driving in the night (cruising, racing, drifting etc.). Also when it`s night we can finnaly see the headlights and the taillights in actionBig grin! UhmmLFS
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tbh this question is kinda silly to be honest, I believe everyone wants day/night cycles.
Quote from David 96 :tbh this question is kinda silly to be honest, I believe everyone wants day/night cycles.

who doesn't amirite
It's an obvious request, however we can add to it.

Track temps and moisture can change due to the time of day, example being Blackwood.

It's in the UK and on a sunny Summer's day, humidity is fair, track temp is 40 degrees (enough to make it sticky), and air temperature is 30-33 degrees. Cars are suffering as they need to work harder due to the cooling systems struggling with the heat.

But as the day progresses through to sunset, the air and track temps start dropping. Moisture is building up on the track and through the night, the track starts to get more moist and cool, affecting the grip levels.

The air temperature is helping to keep the cars cooler and gain some more power, so it's a balance of gaining more time on the straights but losing it on the bends.

Sun starts to rise, and the temperature starts to increase, lowering the amount of moisture on the track. By 10-11am, the track is dry and the surface temperature is rising again.

If LFS could introduce this in with a night/day cycle, you'll find that there will be more variety in the racing as a race in the afternoon would feel quite different to in the middle of the night, beyond just visual differences.
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The poll is quite pointless so I see no reason making a sane decision Taped Shut
It's already being worked on

24Hours Cicle
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