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Guilty pleasure - revisited.
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Guilty pleasure - revisited.
Hello guys..It's been a VERY long time since I posted..almost as long since I last played..
(Yes, there is a "BUT")

BUT!!! I downloaded the update, installed it just fine; dusted off my trusty wheel and pedals...and then plugged in my HTC Vive!!
First time I ever tried LFS in VR; and I was totally blown away! I always knew that it was a good sim, but until you try a race in VR, then you haven't REALLY experienced it!
I know ScaViEr have always admitted that they are making sure that the VR experience is fulfilling; I just never realised HOW fulfilling!

Well done yet again guys! <3
welcome back Wave
#3 - lucaf
How do Bladey, Still racing those buses? Smile I got a Vive also, and yes LFS is amazing with it (and without)
will have to organise some kinda races ;
What is this? Some sort of 'used to race' racers meet up thread? Big grin
I don't even lurk on this forum anymore. My last visit must be months ago. I might dust of my wheel at Christmas / New year time and try a race or two - and then give up because of my crapness.

Guilty pleasure - revisited.
(5 posts, started )